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So I had a real Matrix moment today.

I was sitting on the steps of Westfield Stratford soaking up the sun whilst enjoying my lunch and killing some time before my mums on the run session which I lead in the Olympic Park each Wednesday.

I was watching the crowds buzzing around Stratford tube station and the Mall people coming and going, chuggers hassling people with their clipboards, and loads of people simply hanging around – everyone just caught up with what they were each doing paying little attention to anyone else.

All of a sudden I became really aware of my surroundings and felt a bit overwhelmed. All these different people all with different lives…each on their own journey, a journey which means that never again will this exact mix of people ever be in exactly the same place again.

Deep hey?

It got me thinking about what I am trying to do with my blog and the new website (which is currently being developed). You see in this digital world of blogging we sometimes create tribes without actually meaning to. We build up followers and likes from people who we will never meet in real life but who one way or another contribute to your life, and you to theirs you would hope.

I know this is completely off topic for a running blog and a bit philosophical for a Wednesday evening.

But things seem to have come to a bit of a head in my life, like everything has been leading up to this point a la Neo from the Matrix…not that I have a dude in dark shades telling me “I am the chosen one” or anything. It’s just that suddenly I have clarity like never before about what I want to do, and like in the film I guess I am entering a “world where anything is possible”

I have only just accepted the scope that this blog has, only just allowed myself to believe that blogging and campaigning could be a full time job for me. Its scary and exciting in equal measure, including the impact it could have on millions of inactive and/or overweight women, and even decision makers in health worldwide (if only they would talk to me)

But anyway…here’s a bit of backstory.

About 12 years years ago I finished a MA in Multimedia, an accolade I very rarely speak of, because at the time I found the whole area completely baffling (I had an interest in film and had just got a First Class degree in Performing Arts at University), at the time I remember not understanding most of what I was reading or what my peers were banging on about and it felt like a real waste of two years. I guess the course was ahead of its time talking about the use of handheld tablets and people viewing television via their phones, in 2002 this was only just being developed and at the time I didnt even own a computer or have dial up.

Despite my academic credentials I have never been able to do HTML, I still don’t really understand SEO and I have an irrational fear of Skype calling, so how I have come to be the founder and CEO of a digital business, with such a vibrant virtual community I will never know. It must be something to do with the content I guess!!

For example I led #AskFatty my first ever Twitter Chat last night at 9pm BST . With a focus on asking questions you might normally be too embarrassed to ask as a Fat Runner.  It was an overwhelming success, especially considering I led most of it whilst relaxing in the bath after a tough PT session with a client.

See the possibilities of digital technologies?

This site is likely to change significantly over the next few months and at an alarming rate of pace, the exact opposite of the bullet speed seen in the famous scenes from the Matrix film. Nothing is going at slow mo pace at the moment, the changes are coming and coming fast.

So please peeps, stick with it and have patience with me as I try my best to do this thing right. Please do feedback on the new site and the new digital content that forms the new commercial arm of this business. Remember the need for making money from this site doesn’t come from a desire to be rich, simply a desire to continue doing something I love which I believe adds value to this world.

The basic premise of this blog shouldn’t really change and I will continue to blog 3-4 times a week. My aim is to continue reporting on the highs and lows of being a plus sized runner and that will always be a Free for Everyone resource in a bid to open up opportunities for women.

However this venture is now my full time job, one which I have thus far invested an incredible amount of time and effort into, and my own money and resources too over the last 12 months. So inevitably the need for monetization and putting a price on the expertise, experience and time I give was going to come – it is almost here folks.

It is an exciting time for this campaign and of course for me as a business owner, and I just hope you guys continue to support me in the way you have done so far. Remember each and every time you purchase an ebook, sign up for a course, commit to a monthly subscription (Coming Soon!!!) you are telling me that you value this work and are supporting my belief that running should be accessible for all.

More details about what will be on offer on the new site will be available soon, but there will be something for everyone no matter how small their budget – Too Fat to Run wristband anyone?

I continue to work hard on your behalf to bring you everything you need to achieve your running goals.

Over and out

Fatty Julie

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  1. May 14, 2014

    I’ve only just come across this site. I have not been so motivated to run in a long time. (Even signed up for the virtual run and the June running clinic!) I think perhaps that says it all regarding the value of this blog and the words of wisdom that come from you (and others) via all means of social media. Good luck with the new site- I am looking forward to seeing it and will happily pay for any info that will assist me in improving my running and will keep me motivated!

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