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The Clubhouse (our online running club) is almost a year old…yep launched on the 1st February 2015 we have seen more than 200 women take part in our unique virtual running club to date, from as far afield as Australia and the USA, and from most corners of the UK too.

So what the hell is an online running club you might ask?

Well first and foremost it is an extension of the awesome Too Fat to Run community and a safe space were women can get support and advice about their running goals, but also more general health and happiness goals too.

When I started to promote the club I focussed on what the features were.

  • Weekly Training Sessions
  • Private Members Area
  • Guest Speakers
  • How to Guides

But funnily enough when asked what members value most from being a part of it they comment most on the camaraderie, the accountability it creates and most importantly not feeling alone as a plus size runner or beginner.

Over the past 12 months we have had some real highlights with members meeting up for training sessions and races, and watching some of our members achieve amazing things like Jessica who just took on the Disney Marathon Challenge, and Zoe who recently took part in her first ever parkrun.

Each and every week someone is doing something awe inspiring, and even when women are injured or have crap going on in their life and can’t get out for a run the support is absolutely incredible.

So whats next for The Clubhouse?

We are currently undertaking a review of the first year and planning some administration and communication changes to make the memberships more streamline.

Also we are introducing a range of experts who will be on hand to offer specific support where it is needed, these will come in the form of

  • A yoga instructor
  • A PT
  • A Nutritionist
  • A Physio
  • A Mindset Coach
  • A Stylist

A full line up of our expert panel will be launched in March.

Thinking about joining? You had better be quick then!!!

To enable these new features to be integrated we need to do some work on our website so unfortunately from the 5th February we will not be taking on any new members until the relaunch on the 1st April.

So if you have been thinking about joining for a while, now really is the time. In April there will be a different pricing structure that rewards members who pay their membership fee upfront, and also that rewards our founding members, so by joining before the 5th February you will be included in that. You can join here

How is it different from other online communities that are FREE?

We listen to what support you really need and give you the motivation and practical advice you need to stick with it, and because you pay to be a member you are more likely to push yourself and commit to the training sessions and challenges we set. Plus we don’t just focus on running we focus on mindset too. As the membership grows we also have plans to offer more formal buddying opportunities, training days and race meet ups.

As Clubhouse members you also get the best discounts in our store, and will be offered freebies and money can’t buy opportunities which simply couldn’t be managed via an open group. There will even be the chance to train as a TFTR coach later this year and actually make money from your running.

What if you think you can’t afford it?

Often when we say that we can’t afford something what we actually mean is we can’t justify the expense right now, or we don’t really understand the value. I know things can be tough but as it stands The Clubhouse costs just £10 per month which is less than the price of a cup of coffee a week. How much do you value your health and happiness, and why shouldn’t you invest in it properly?

What do our members say?

I’ve been more consistent than ever since I joined I think it’s down to motivation

I definitely feel more part of a running community which makes some of the self-doubt disappear. It’s great to have people to celebrate your successes with and to help you work through the tough ones

The ladies are really supportive and have really helped my self esteem. While I’m out running I no longer worry about people staring at me or calling out. I don’t care. I’m out running and that is what matters.

I’m happier now than 12 months ago without a doubt. Part of that is due to the support of the clubhouse.

I love that whatever time of day it is someone has been for a run or is about to run. Morning, during the day or evening. This encourages me to run which in turn makes me happier!

I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. At times the clubhouse has literally kept me going.

I have lost 2.5 stone and it is staying off. I am more mindful of what, how and when I eat which is making me much healthier. Through running and the support through the Countdown to Christmas Challenge and then the Clubhouse I am managing my depression/anxiety and am back at work

I don’t get breathless so easily, I can actually RUN after my daughters, I have toned up a lot

Resting heart rate has dropped by a whopping 10bpm. Blood pressure dropped from “pre-high” to normal. And I’ve not had a single cold this academic year – amazing as I work in a school & have snotty children of my own!


Why not take us up on our 30 day trial period? Pay £10 and if within the first month you figure its not for you, you can cancel the subscription no questions asked?

Clubhouse Membership

£10 per month
  • Join the best running club in the world…probably!!!
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