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Speed is not everything…trust me I know this, but I also know how frustrating it can be to not feel like you are making any improvements with running, and improvements in time over a distance is of course one way of assessing this.

Women often refer to themselves as plodders, as shufflers…telling me “Oh I’m SLOW” but remember ladies slow is relative. Your slow could in fact be really speedy for someone else.

The point is women often do want to see if they can improve their speed and I have just the techniques to help people do it.

In October last year I recruited 100 women to challenge them to improve their speed using 7 simple mindset challenges and technique tweaks…I was doing research for a book so I had a bit of vested interest in this being a success and really put in some serious effort to get my times down too. I went from 43.27 to 33.40…almost 10 minutes off.

The average improvement in the group was 3 minutes, but many women knocked in excess of 5 minutes.

The subsequent book Scream if You Want to Run Faster has done really well and the 41 5 star reviews on Amazon speak for themselves.

But it is the online programme where the best results take place…I think its the accountability of being in a group that does it…and knowing I am watching it all unfold.

So we have just finished our January cohort, and this time I was much better at capturing the improvements…because I got someone independent to do it for me a lovely lady called Lucy from The Clubhouse that is great at maths and excel, she even knocked up this amazing graphic.


The average 5K time at the start was 40.05 and 8 weeks later the average was 36.46

9% ran their first sub 30 minute 5K…I know thats something I’m working towards.

The average improvement was 8% with an average of 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

Two stars of the group were…

Sadie who knocked 6 minutes and 34 seconds off and Helen who knocked an amazing 15% off…and so close to sub 30.

But there were loads more examples,




The numbers only tell one aspect of the story though.

Improvements in speed help women to feel confident. It helps them move towards other goals like joining a running club, or taking part in their first parkrun.

Participant Jo said,

This programme has made such a difference to my running. It made me believe that I didn’t need to be a one speed queen. I can go faster for spurts which has brought my time down really nicely. Yes I do need to go back to plod afterwards BUT the slow plods are getting shorter! Thanks xXx

Dawn said,

I’ve continued to improve even more since the end of the programme and I tell you what.. going faster is making me stronger, and I’m tolerating the longer runs even better. Best thing I’ve ever done for my running!

So the big question is…

Do you want to get faster over 5K?

And if so, what are you waiting for?

We start on Monday 8th May, the course happens over an 8 week period and costs just £39.99…a fiver a week…just think what a difference this could make to your running.

PS….in other news…we welcomed our 300th member into our online running club, The Clubhouse today. 300 women, from 5 continents of the world…walkers, joggers, jeffers, marathon runners and everything in between.

Why not join them?

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