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Come on be honest, when you hear the phrase protein drink you think milk based shake right? Or something along those lines? I know I did…that was until I came across Vieve Protein Water, a tasty water based drink with 20 grams of protein…great for recovering those sore and achy muscles after a run or a training session.

Now I am not going to pretend I know the science behind why we should include protein immediately after a session, all I know is when I forget to, I pay for it the next day…and the next day, and sometimes even the next day. And when you have a schedule like mine you simply can’t afford to.

My go to protein source up until this point has been protein shakes made up with whey based powder and water, or milk.

Only problem being I have recently given up dairy (about 6 months in now), so have been testing some of the vegan based products on the market with varying degrees of success.

The thing is wether you are a milk drinker or not, making up a shake with powders is a pain in the backside, its messy, it requires washing up if you use a blender, and it requires time…or at least forward thinking and some consideration around how to fit them into your overall diet. (And I use the word diet in terms of what you eat…not what plan you are following if that makes sense.)

IMG_5935So first things first, how does it taste?

I was testing the Strawberry and Rhubarb one, and I was a little skeptical. I like both of those fruits…but together? Anyhow, it tastes just fine. Fruity and sweet, and with no strange after taste.

And does it work?

Now in terms of work, I want my protein drinks to do two things after a workout and that is,

1. Keep me tied over hunger wise until my next meal
2. Prevent excessive DOMS (Delayed onset of muscle soreness)

I have tested the drink after a pretty intensive outdoor circuit training session, after a run and after a CrossFit session and it hit the spot each time.

On the companies website they list a whole heap of additional selling points

  • No more powdery shakes
  • Refreshing taste with no artificial flavours, colours or added sugar
  • Easy to have on the go
  • Supports maintenance and growth of muscle mass
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Low calorie, sugar free and fat free

All pretty impressive, depending on what nutritional stuff is important to you.

But for me though the biggest selling point is you don’t look like some sports mad protein drinking person, knocking back your shake straight after a session. But by having one of these in your training bag or in the fridge at home you can replace fluids, quench your thirst and sort out your protein needs in one go.

20604170_10156435606853835_5093319555903072366_nAt my session at the park at the weekend, there was a 2 hour gap until brunch and all the other bloggers were complaining about being hungry…after having my Vieve I was fine!!

Also helpful to point out that sometimes after a really tough session I seriously can’t bring myself to digest a shake, so this felt much lighter on my digestive system.

So all in all I would most definitely suggest giving this new drinks company a shot, from what I can make out it is a small emerging start up led by a really passionate bloke who knows his stuff.

Oh…another thumbs up for me is they donate 1% of profits to the mental health charity Mind, Vieves Founder Rafael says,

My brand, Vieve, is all about making the most of life. Not just by helping our bodies feel fitter and healthier, but by promoting all-round wellness that inspires and motivates people to grab every opportunity life brings.
I want Vieve to stand for, promote and contribute to holistic health. It’s why I’ll be donating 1% of Vieve’s profits to a cause that’s close to my heart – Mind, the mental health charity.
Having suffered from mental health issues for a long time, and as a proud survivor, I hope I can help and support others in my own little way so they too can truly Grab Life.



You can order Verve directly from the website in a case of 6 for £14.99 which works out just short of £2.50 per bottle, or if you subscribe to a regular delivery you get a 50% discount up front and 10% off each order.

Check them out here and like them over on their Facebook Page

A massive thank you to Vieve for giving me a chance to review these products and compensating me for my time to write this post, as you guys know I only ever promote products I truly like and my reviews are always 100% opinion.

I will defo be using Vieve Water in the future to assist my training.

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