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Now I must admit I choose my trainers a bit like I choose my cars…as long as they are the right size, get me to where I need to go, and are in a colour I like it’s all good.

My first pair of running shoes cost me £25 out of a low cost sports store, so when I eventually plucked up the courage to get some shoes properly fitted in a specialist running shop, I almost chocked when they said £85…I think I literally have bought a car for that price.

But getting the right running shoe is absolutely worth the money, and considering how many miles my trainers do, I shouldn’t be so flippant about choosing the right pair.

I have been running in the same pair for about 12 months now, and knew I needed a new pair, so when the online retailer Very got in touch and asked if I would like to review the latest Adidas running shoe, the Adidas Boost X, I was like….

You don’t have to ask me twice.

I didn’t even know what they looked like, or what kind of shoe they were…I just figured I’d give them a go.

Over the years my running style has settled down and my initial over pronation has corrected itself, so I am actually a neutral runner now, meaning I don’t need as much support as I often think I do.

The trainers arrived one rainy day…I love packages arriving at my door.

I opened up the box and at first I wasn’t too sure what to make of them. The fabric looked very much like the design of the covering on the old fashioned London Tube seats, and there was a strange hole in the base of the shoe (as in I could stick my finger through it).

I can’t say I was completely taken.

The following morning I put them on and took my daughter to nursery. I felt rather bouncy, and the knitted fabric did feel quite snug around my feet.

IMG_0801I headed off for a short 3 miler…stopping to take these pictures on a log (as you do)…the verdict??? Strange but good. They definitely made me run a bit faster and lighter on my feet.

I wondered if I had tied the laces up to tight too. They might need a bit of adjusting to get the right level of snuggness.

So I liked them but I was a bit nervous about how they would fair over a longer distance.

Only one way to find out.

The following Saturday I headed off to a conference in all of my running kit (full face of make up and hair done though) and I ran the 9 miles home from Marble Arch to Stratford.

It all started out so well, but then the Saturday night crowds started to annoy me around the Shoreditch/Liverpool Street area, by which time the trainers had started to give me blisters on the back of the ankles…where the fabric met the skin.


The final 3 miles were really tough.

I thought that was it…my relationship with these trainers was over.

But then I remembered other shoes which had given me blisters in a similar place on my feet and remembered that I went on to have good times in these shoes eventually, they just needed to be broken in.

So I persevered.

The following Monday, with two plasters covering the now scabbed up plasters (TMI???) I attempted a track session in them. And I literally felt like I was flying. Something perhaps about the material of the soles and the running track combined. Whatever it was they felt good.

And I have been wearing them ever since, aside from a default back to my old faithfuls for the Jerusalem Half (just to be safe), but I think I can safely say they have actually grown on me…even the weird black and orange design and the hole under the arch thing.

So in conclusion.

These trainers took some initial getting used to, both from a comfort perspective and a style perspective. I still think I will stick to a more sturdier shoe for anything more than 10K, but as a lightweight speedy running shoe…I think these are great.

It’s very easy as a runner to stick to the same style of trainer, but if you get the chance perhaps try out something new to see if it does affect your running positively.

I reckon these chaps might help me on my quest to reach that illusive sub 30 5K…if nothing else at £130 a pop they are a great conversation starter about the fact running is supposed to be FREE!!!

I would like to thank Very for sending me these Adidas Boost X trainers to try. I was not paid to write this review (but do get to keep the shoes) and I have given my honest feedback on the pros and cons of this specific piece of kit as I see it.

You can check out the full Adidas collection at Very here!!!

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