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Feeling like a fraud, an imposter in life is sadly something many of us women identify with but it never ceases to amaze me how often I see this in the running world with women.

Oh I don’t look like a runner
I’m not a proper runner
I jog a bit but I wouldn’t say I am a runner

At my recent retreat in Rhodes there was a lovely lady called Elizabeth who announced in the group the evening before our first planned run,

I feel like a fraud…I’ve got all the gear but I am not a runner

I am glad she voiced this concern as it gave a great backdrop to the “Intro to running workshop” I was about to lead, which was all about challenging perceptions of what a runner is, looking at ideas of being a “good runner” and a “rubbish runner”, but also giving some real practical advice to help prepare them for the next mornings run.

And the following morning?

Elizabeth did an amazing job. I overtook her a few times as I ran back and forward trying to keep an eye on everyone and she looked like she was doing good, and then I saw her pass me again as I stood on a corner directing everyone to turn right. She had great form, and looked comfortable…a natural runner I would say.

A few days later Elizabeth helped me with a photoshoot to advertise our latest slogan, quite aptly titled,

This is what a runner looks like

IMG_3169Elizabeth and I sat next to each other on the first night of our retreat as we sat beachside in a beautiful Greek Taverna, and I realised quite soon we are kindred spirits in many ways.

She is a vlogger for a start, tracking her daily life via The Occasional Vlog and she wears her heart on her sleeve, happy to be completely open about how she is feeling and her thought processes as she embarks on this new fitness journey.

Last week she wrote in The Clubhouse,

The Rhodes retreat was my initiation into TFTR. This morning I walked the kids to school in my kit, shoulders back, feeling proud. I then ran the long way home (2km). I passed the bin men and had a panic about the sh*t I was about to get then realised it didn’t matter because I had my armour on! I sailed past sweaty, knackered and head high.
#notgivingup #beingtenacious

If you run you are a runner…whether you have the right gear or no idea. But wearing the right kit can help make a difference to your journey, particularly from a confidence point of view, so always consider,

  1. Technical Materials – Steer clear of cotton and try to go for technical material which wicks sweat away from your body
  2. Good Fit – The more your kit fits how you want it the more confident you will feel
  3. Bright & Impactful – Let’s not hide away in dark colours, let’s make a statement

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