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OK, so perhaps that is not exactly true…I do get asked quite a few strange if not stupid questions like?

What happens when you lose all your weight?


Do you have to eat loads to stay on brand?

Yup, I actually get asked this stuff.

But in terms of the questions women ask me about running, often they feel like they are asking the world stupidest question, but actually I am asked the same questions over and over again.

So I decided if women are asking me similar questions, I wonder what other questions they have that they don’t ask? You know the really embarrassing ones?

I know when I first started running I had nobody to ask the questions I had in my head. I didn’t know any other runners and as for fat runners, I thought I was the only one.

Even when I joined a traditional running club, I was too embarrassed to ask the questions I really wanted to know…plus the kind of folk in my club were hardly likely to know about finding sports bras in large sizes, or how to cope with coming last.

So today I have launched a new video series over on YouTube called

There is no such thing as a stupid question

And over the next year I will be asking and answering 300 of the most asked questions, starting with the most obvious

Am I Too Fat to Run?

It would be awesome if you could head over and subscribe, and of course share on social media as you see fit. But also I am looking for questions. I have about 100 so far submitted by the ladies in my online running club…but I need many, many more if I am going to keep up my video a day for a year commitment.

So head over to YouTube and see what you think?

Just to add, I’ve been wanting to do a YouTube series for a while, but always chicken out through fear of having my work challenged by “proper” running coaches and runners. But heck…life is too short for that. My advice is given based on 10 years experience of running as a larger lady in the running world…I know my shit!!!

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