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I had a terrible feeling this morning when my alarm went off, I felt really nervous…well sick is a more acurate description. I made my way to Enfield anyway with plenty of time to spare. There was a 3K fun run taking place, and I watched as loads of kids come wizzing past the finish line with mums and dads, trailing behind thankfull that it was all over.

Once again most of the other runners in the 10K were from varoious running clubs so I knew I would be overtaken quite quickly and find myself right at the back of the pack. The route was almost completely cross country, with loads of inclines and twists and turns. I went off far to quick, I did my first kilometer in about 6 minutes but that speed was soon lost and my stride turned into more of a crawl… I really wasn’t enjoying it…in fact I was quite willing to start walking around, that was until I stumbbled across a wasps nest causing me to scream and flap around like a fool, one of the bastards stung me on the knuckle which hurt like hell.

This should have been all the excuse I needed to call it a day, seeking solace in a nearby first aider (I’ll tell you about my love of first aiders at a later date), but no it actually had the opposite affect and I actually sped up doing my fourth Kilometer in just under 7 minutes…maybe it was the fear of getting stung again, or the andrenaline pumping through my body. Whatever it was though, it got me round the course and I finished in 1 hour 20 minutes.

This run hasn’t exactly filled me with confidence for next weeks half marathon but it has made me realise a few things

  • My races are never without drama
  • I do not like cross country
  • Crowds lining the route keep me going
  • Wasp stings bloody hurt
  • Writing a blog is a good way of motivating me to run (If I don’t run then i dont have anything to write about)

Sting Update: It still hurts but the swelling has gone down

I just feel sorry for the lady who was stung 4 times on her head, and a different lady who was stung on her bum. Has anything peculiar happened to you whilst on a run?? I will post a few of my past running disasters soon.

  1. September 24, 2010

    When at school on a pre-games lesson run round the pitches and through a copse of trees, one of my fitter, faster classmates thought it would be funny to kick a wasps nest. By the time the wasps had realised what had happened the sporty boys were long gone, and the last of the fat kids were gasping and lumbering their way through. Being the largest and slowest of my peers I was rewarded with at least 25 wasp stings. After passing out on a hockey stick and being sent home via the doctor’s and about 5 tubes of lotion, my parents gave up counting them and started joining the dots to see what kind of picture they could make. Happy memories.

  2. September 19, 2010

    What was a football doing on the course?

  3. September 19, 2010

    Well done! I fell over a football during my first 10k. I cried like a girl and everything.


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