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I can’t remember how I found out about the first ever 10K event I ran back in about 2006. But somehow I did and low and behold a few months later I found myself at the start of the British 10K event with (unsurprisingly) not enough real training under my belt. But I can remember on my way up there in my full leg leggings and cotton tee (who wears cotton to race?) thinking

Whats the worse that could happen? I give up and get the tube home?

Because at this point I had never run that distance, with only a 3K fun run and a hand full of treadmill and after dark training sessions to to my name. I was very much as the start of my running story and had no idea if I could do it.


This is me at the end of the race in 2011…386 days until the London 2012 Games in fact.

Of course, I never gave up I had a whale of a time, soaking up the atmosphere and feeling like a proper runner for the first time and that marked the start of a very special relationship with running 10Ks and in particular the British 10K which I have done probably 5 or 6 times since…once dressed as a tiger I might add.

Now under the umbrella of insurance company Vitality (who I have a policy with I might add, sourced via Rewards Health, which gives you a whole heap of rewards just for being active) The Vitality British 10K is being held again this year in Central London on Sunday 10th July…and I for one can’t wait.

Billed on its website as…


You just know its going to be pretty special.

3_201_eAs I mentioned before I have run this race numerous times, often by myself, once with two other friends and once dressed in a tiger onsie with facepaints…not the smartest thing I’ve ever done on a July day. The highlight of that race however was when a little girl shouted out

Hey, I thought tigers were supposed to be fast?

The route (although not revealed yet for 2016) normally takes you around a whole heap of iconic London landmarks and the streets are lined with spectators, so much so you could think for a moment you were running the London Marathon…especially the bits around Embankment.

I’ll be there on the 10th July, as I am sure a number of Too fat to Run ladies will be. So, do you fancy it?

If so there are three ways you can secure your places in the 2016 Vitality British 10k London Run.

A) Enter online (quick and simple) as an individual ‘’Gold Guaranteed’’ entrant by Clicking Here B) Contact one of the many participating charities to see if they can offer you a place in return for a sponsorship pledge. Click here for charity A-Z listing C) Enter as part of a corporate team. Click here for an application form

So I guess I will see you there hey?

This is a sponsored post. I have been asked to write honestly about my experiences of running this race and have been given a free place and a small fee in exchange.

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