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I remember the first time I went on a fitness retreat back in about 2007. I was terrified. YES about the exercise (as I rarely did any back then) but mainly about stepping into the unknown and sharing with a complete stranger.

Throw into the mix some international travel and the fear levels raise up again right?

I have been running the TFTR retreat for 3 years, and doing live in person workshops for plus size women for more than 5.

More than 100 women have been on one of my in person workshops or retreats, and often the fears come from the same place.

  • What if women judge me?
  • What if I can’t do what everyone else can?
  • What if I hate it?

The thing is I know these kind of experiences can be life changing, so I’d hate for women to miss out when maybe just a bit of additional information might help lesson the fear.

So I asked some women from my community what their biggest fears were, and then got some of the women who have been on the retreat to answer for them.

Worry 1 – Being unfit and slower than everyone else

This is a universal fear for any kind of group exercise. The thing is in a group chances are the is going to be one or two people that are slower than everyone else…but in my opinion it’s how you deal with that.

On my health and happiness retreat we have a lot of fitness activities built into the week, but they are all optional and scaleable. We go out a few times for a run/walk/hike but the sessions are tailored so you start from where you are.

Lesley came on the 2017 retreat and said,

I worried I’d be too slow and others would be fitter than me. Yes I was the back runner but it didn’t matter at all and I discovered I had more running experience than some others there

Worry 2 – Fitting in with the other women.

Spending 7 days with complete strangers can feel a bit daunting, what if they don’t like you, what if you don’t like them?

Tina Said

I suppose I was worried I wouldn’t fit in/connect with anyone (ha! What silliness eh? I met 20 of the most amazing women EVER!)

Cathrine Said,

I was so empowered and comfortable on the Rhodes Retreat I am now spending my third holiday with these wonderful ladies. I have met some amazing women from all walks of life, this was by far the best part… Everyone lifted each other up, there was never a time I felt uncomfortable. 

Worry 3 – Being the Fattest

We have had women of all ages, shapes and sizes, everything from a size 10 up to a size 28…not that I ever asked peoples’ sizes or weights. We have a wonderfully secluded mountain top villa where anything goes…after the first few moments of walking around in your cossie (or not) you seriously forget about body stuff.

Lesley said,

There’s something very empowering about being in a pool or in sun loungers when everyone is larger – it ceases to matter.

Worry 4 – Sharing a room

Snoring was the biggest concern…we suggest bringing earplugs and it seemed to work. Most days women are so exhausted we could drive a steam engine through their bedroom and they wouldn’t hear it.

There were also worries about IBS, Injuries, Epilepsy Seizures and other health ailments…but women soon made friends and supported one another as if they’d been lifelong friends.

Worry 5 – That I wouldn’t like the food

I am not sure this is possible. The food is wonderful authentic Greek cuisine, but our host Cass is wonderfully adaptive and has catered for even the most fussiest of eaters. With a range of eating out, BBQ, help yourself and meal prepared for you options…oh and wine (did I mention we have wine with some meals??)

I have never had anyone go hungry on my retreat.

Worry 6 – Travelling Alone

Yes, this can be scary. We do help women with logistics and where possible host meet ups at the airport for women flying in together. We also meet you at the airport in Greece.

One of the ladies from the first retreat Lynsay had never travelled alone outside of Scotland before the Retreat, she now does all the time, and is even planning an around the Carribean sailing trip.

The thing is it’s natural to worry, in fact one of my clients gave me a glorious list of all the things she would worry about, which I thought worth posting.

– I won’t get on with anyone
– I will be the slowest/most unfit
– fear that I’ll have tummy bug and/or migraines
– fear of showing lardy body by a pool
– fear of not looking nice if we go out
– fear of feeling hot and sweaty all the time and generally being physically uncomfortable
– fear of physical exhaustion
– fear of mental exhaustion
– fear of social awkwardness
– fear of not being able to eat only veggie food or coming across like a fusspot
– being the “needy” one of the group
2nd biggest fear that the accommodation isn’t clean/nice enough as I have a stupid phobia
– and biggest fear of all would be having to share a room as I need my own space.

Worrying is natural, it is our way of keeping us out of harms way. But the thing about comfort zones is they often keep us away from adventure, and growth and personal development.

We currently have 8 wonderful women hanging out in our Private Facebook group getting to know one another before we all fly out in 6 weeks for an epic 7 day adventure of wonderfulness in the Sun.

I have 2 spots left ready to be snapped up.

Fancy it?

Check out the beautiful location, and all of the details on our retreat page, and if you do have any concerns which haven’t been answered, do give me a shout at help@toofattorun.co.uk

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