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I never used to like drinking tea. Mainly because growing up I hated making it for people when they came over to visit…the same applied to when I worked in an office setting…I’m sure people made tea just to get out of doing any work.

But then that all changed after having my daughter, and a nice cup of tea became my salvation.

This year I’ve taken it up a whole notch and started experimenting with loose leaf tea in an actual teapot…which is one of those things I do in the afternoon when I need a break from my desk.

But lets talk about Tg Green Teas, cofounded by Dr Hua He and Sophia Nadur (an avid follower of TFGGTR no less) who had the idea to develop a brand of teas after growing tired of the lack of tasty green teas on the shelves in the UK and also Sophia says

I was frustrated to see so few drinks on the shelf that were good for you and offered without “hocus pocus” marketing fluff

img_6941My box of goodies arrived last week…the box felt super heavy so I wondered if I had been sent a lifetimes supply, but upon opening the box realised there was an iced tea version too, which was great considering the last bit of autumn sun we have been having in the UK. so let me start on this version.

I have had iced tea before and would say its an acquired taste and not something I would normally reach for, but these were quite nice. Its tough finding a cold drink other than plain water that you actually want to drink and the fact they have less than 30 calories per bottle, leaving them firmly in the green zone (of the traffic light nutritional system) and winning them a thumbs up from “action on sugar”

I tried all 3 flavours, Green Tea with Ginseng, Green Tea with Jujube & Ginseng and my favourite of all Green Tea with Mandarin & Ginseng…these are particularly refreshing after a long run, or a tough CrossFit session.

And now onto the hot teas.

Tg green tea blends are prepared near the tea plantation before being placed into pyramid bags and then hand packed into non transparent resealable pouches (“non transparent” because green tea needs to be kept away from light in order to preserve its goodness). The fruit and botanicals chosen for the blends have also long been used by folks young and old in the Middle Kingdom for health, vitality and good taste.

And they do taste pretty good I can tell you.


I generally make a green tea in the morning while getting my daughter ready for nursery, and I often have one at 3pm when I take my daily pitstop where I take half our to stop work and assess what my body needs at this point in the day.

So why am I reviewing these teas? I’m not being paid…I guess I am just trying to help two fellow female entrepreneurs who like me are self funded and trying to make the nation a little healthier.

Tg Teas are currently crowdfunding to raise £10,000 to…

  • Buy a van to help get Tg green teas delivered to more workplaces, homes and charities,
  • Build sales support to help get our drinks into more shops
  • Make lots of drinks so more folks can get the chance to enjoy something different, something better

With even more money pledged, we can take Tg hopefully national to get it available where you live, work and play.

To find out more about their campaign and to pledge your support click here or why not order some of their products from their online shop and test them for yourself? 

Look out next weekend for an exciting competition on our Facebook Page where you can win a months supply of their fabulous tea products

Thank you Tg Teas for my lovely box of goodies, you have brought a little bit of joy to my world and helped me keep clear of the fizzy stuff a little better than normal (I know, I know)

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