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I have been thinking about doing my own podcast since about 2012 when I started listening to other peoples on my long marathon training runs, but a mixture of procrastination and out and out fear have stopped me.

Until today that is.

While running through the Olympic Park on a planned 6 miler I had a bit of a strange realisation where I thought “Gosh, just look what I have achieved so far…whats stopping me from doing a silly little podcast?”

So what exactly am I scared of?

  • The sound of my own voice
  • Having nothing interesting to say
  • People thinking its crap
  • It not being perfect
  • All my ums and ahs
  • The technology involved (this was a biggie)

But after coming home from my run, I sat down with my protein recovery shake and thought let me just test the new podcast recorder app I have recently downloaded.

45 minutes later I had recorded a first take of episode 1.

Is it perfect? Probably not

Is it a good start? Hell yeah

Will the next one be even better? Of course because you lovely people are going to give me feedback, and the pressure of actually having listeners will make me work harder next time.

So what will you hear in this episode?

My views around facing your fears, what running I have been up to so far in 2016, a bit about February’s runner of the month and an insight into January’s Clubhouse theme which was decluttering.

In the future I am hoping to have special guests, race reviews and a Q&A section for questions you guys post in, plus I am up for any other suggestions you may have

I hope you like it. I hope you download it and take yourself out for a 45 minute walk, run or jog…hopefully my voice will we a welcome distraction from the voices in your head…or maybe I will start doing your head in too, who knows!!

Episode 1 – Facing your fears

Show Notes

  1. Kit that Fits Facebook Group for help with finding running gear in your size, buying/selling of second hand kit, and updates on TFTR merchandise
  2. New Year Same You – A guide to health and happiness available as a paperback or kindle from Amazon
  3. Take a look at www.parkrun.org.uk a free weekly 5k time trial
  4. What is a Tail Runner blog
  5. Check out our Runner of the Month Section
  6. Our next cohort for 5 weeks to 5k our, online training programme starts in March and costs £25. It can be booked here
  7. The best selling ebook 5 weeks to 5k is now available (as requested) as a paperback for just £6.99 from Amazon
  8. The Clubhouse is currently closed for new members but will be relaunching on the 1st April (No Joke) with a panel of experts.
  9. Join us in May on our very first TFTR Health and Happiness Retreat in Pefkos, Greece staying in a luxury villa with a week of activities and mindset challenges.

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