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Let’s face it girls when we run we sweat, there’s no getting away from it thats just part and parcel of being a plus sized runner, so when Sure (you know the folks with the tick…no not Nike the other tick) got in touch to see if I would be interested in testing their new Maximum Protection Sport Strength Anti Perspirant…I was like sure (ha ha) I’d give it a go.

Now of course I use deodorant normally before every training session and race, but its not something I have ever thought about in much detail, because by the end of most sessions I jump in the shower anyway…and I don’t mind a bit of body odour and dampness, in some ways its an indicator that I’ve had a good session.

But this new product promises quite a bit

  • The Maximum wetness protection ever from Sure
  • Encapsulated odour-fighting technology
  • Skin-moisturising ingredient
  • Dermatologically tested

So in short it should keep me dry and BO free, right? Well there’s only one way to tell…well actually I decided to test this product in two different, but equally challenging ways.

Test 1 – The Wedding

IMG_8348.JPGI don’t know about you but I often sweat in other places than the gym or while out running, and often this sweating is most inconvenient and embarrassing, so as I got ready for a big family wedding at the weekend I saw the little cute container on my bathroom ledge and thought why not?

So at 9.05 I rolled the little rolly thing, allowing a couple of millimetres of the white creamy product to escape before rolling it on my freshly shaven armpits. I wafted my arms around for a bit to let it dry before continuing to get myself and my 2 year old ready. The service was not until 1pm but I had a long journey ahead of me and a few things to do along the way. It was raining outside but hot and humid in the car.

I had the joy of trying to keep a toddler quiet throughout a very beautiful service and then spent most of the rest of the day running around making sure my little terror wasn’t biting or hitting any of the other guests (oh the joy). Then the evening reception came and I cracked open the wine and headed to the dance floor to shake my thing (as you do).

At 1.35am safely back at home, I kicked off my heels and took of my dress remembering (just) about my new antiperspirant, and I gave the pits of the dress the old sniff test…not a whiff…SERIOUSLY!!!!

Test 2 – The Gym

IMG_8436.JPG IMG_8435.JPGI am coming back from a knee injury, so I am not doing the running distances I used to right now. But I figured to test this out I had to at least have a good work out to see if Sundays result was just a fluke. Now normally I wear a vest to work out in, to prevent me from overheating and getting sweat patches, but if this product is as good as it says it is then I shouldn’t have to worry about that, so I put a long sleeved tech shirt over the top.

After applying the product I headed out for a mile and a half run to my local gym and then proceeded to do 10 minutes each of Cross Trainer, Bike, Rowing Machine and then speed intervals on the Treadmill….the result….seriously exhausted and dare I say it very hot and sweaty. However, I had a sweaty face, a sweaty back, sweaty boobs and….well…lerts leave it there, but what I didn’t have remotely was sweaty pits as you can see from this picture (I got some strange looks in the changing room doing this I can tell you). After cooling down I even agreed to meet a friend for lunch, confident that she wouldn’t have to sit two tables away so she could breathe.

So in conclusion.

This is a nifty product to add to your kit list, and for just £4.99 I would say this is defo worth the expense if you want to be odour and damp free either in a sports setting or otherwise. Of course there’s nothing at all wrong with working up a sweat…but if you can get the high intensity workout without the high intensity armpit side effects, why wouldn’t you?

I was sent a 45ml Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength product to test and paid a small fee in exchange for giving an honest review of this product.

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