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I love the idea of running every day or even doing some kind of exercise every day…which is why I love the concept of RED January.

Alas though for me this year it wasn’t to be. 

I started off OK, and then a few days in the dreaded flu hit and I was floored.

I’m back in the game and looking forward to stepping things up in February…but let me tell you, the women in The Clubhouse, my online running club….absolutely smashed RED.

In today’s guest blog post we hear from Meg Lucas and its entitled “And now the end is near”

And now the end is here!! (Things I have learned from RED January)

Cast your mind back two years. It’s January, miserable, cold, dark and wet. Any thoughts of running went completely out of the window. That feeling continued for months and months…….

Last January, I was determined it wouldn’t happen again. I signed up for a couple of virtual and actual races and thoroughly enjoyed being out there. I found it set my year up and my love of running in those cold dark winter months continued through the whole year.

So this January (well, December really) I saw a post about RED January and decided I would give it a go (possibly something to do with the Christmas wine!!).

Now we are at the end of the month, here are just a few things I have discovered along the way:

Before we start though, I must admit I didn’t actually run every day!!! On the days that I had PT session or a Zumba class, I decided they were probably activity enough!

So here goes:

  • My mind and body are fitter than they have been for a long while (possibly ever).

I never thought I could sustain it, I didn’t think my body could do it, I thought my head would get in the way. But both survived and both are much happier.

  • I didn’t regret a single run

Honestly, I know it seems strange but I didn’t.

  • I have had the most positive January I have ever had

I feel tired but strangely alert, sleeping better and coping better with stress and change. I am more productive, more active and, though my body is tired, I am totally on it!

  • The hardest step is still the first one out of the door

The run itself is easy, it’s just that first step!

  • My legs are pooped

Like totally toast! I feel it every time I start running, but after a mile they feel so much better

  • There have been some surprising runs

The ones that I didn’t want to do, the ones with music, the ones without, the ones with other people, the ones on a day I don’t usually run, the ones in a new place, the ones where my daughter has followed me on her bike. Some I have just thoroughly enjoyed.

  • I actually like the cold and dark

Its like sensory deprivation, it feels good and even better when you get home

  • No run is too small

It actually doesn’t matter if it is 1 mile or 6, the effect is just the same. Pleased I have gone, pleased I am home, ready to do it again

  • Stretch, stretch and stretch

I know we all neglect this one but it does make it easier

  • My head feels better

Cheesy but ….. it does!!!

  • I don’t need to go faster, I just need to go!
  • I’ll say yes to more!

If I can do this then I can do anything I put my mind too (including the things I don’t want to do)

And it’s a good excuse for more leggings!

Now pass me the wine!

Love, Love, Loved this…and watching all of the ladies do their thing in January. For February we are doing our own challenge all about finding new sports to love. Its called TrySomethingNew or #TSN and there is a prize for the person who manages to do the most new things in February…join us for just £10 per month. The Clubhouse is a wonderfully friendly place

Its a brilliant way of staying accountable and motivated, just look at this wonderful effort from Faith Kelly

Come join us.

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