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People are obsessed with my size and it’s just so bloody annoying.

The meant to be helpful comments from friends and family

Oh you’ve lost weight?

Erm nope…don’t think so, not last time I looked.

Or journalists who are doing a story about me who insist on knowing my dress size…when the piece is not even about weight loss.

Because that is obviously the only sign of success right in health and fitness…are you getting smaller?

Well the answer is…NO I AM NOT.

If anything I am getting bigger…not in terms of my dress size (I am a size 16/18 that is kind of where my body is right now…if it changes…well you will see it for yourself) but no, I am getting bigger in terms of my confidence, in terms of my aspirations, in terms of my dreams.

I have said this so often in my talks and it always gets a laugh, but I mean it 100%

Ive spent 20 years of my life trying NOT to be fat and perhaps for me fat is where its at

I think we have a real problem in this world where billions of women are spending the majority of their lives worrying about what dress size they are wearing, irrespective of other markers, like health, wellbeing and you know, happiness….that thing that makes us…well…happy?

When I think of the amount of time, effort and let’s not forget money spent on being smaller, to still be here living my life quite happily as a size 18 woman…it makes me sick.

The amount of times I said no to things because I was on a diet, or put things off for a year because obviously I would be so much smaller in 12 months time and could enjoy it properly. It can’t be healthy to live life like that, like you are waiting for life to happen because of course living a happy and fulfilling life can only happen when you are at goal weight.

Yes we can blame the media and the diet companies, but a lot of the time these bullshit stories come from us…inside our own heads.

Here are some of the bullshit stories I have told myself over the years,

  • Fat people don’t go backpacking
  • Fat people don’t do Triathlons/Tough Mudders/UltraMarathons
  • Fat women can’t become successful in business
  • I can’t be a fat motivational speaker
  • I’m too large to wear a bikini
  • My face is too fat for a short hair cut
  • While I am at this weight I won’t find a husband
  • While I am at this weight I can’t have a capsule wardrobe
  • No point in getting my nails/hair/teeth done while I’m still fat
  • I’m more likely to get a promotion or that contact if I was 14lbs lighter

Now I am not saying these statements are ever things I have said out loud…but they have most definitely featured in my inner chatter, preventing me from taking action, holding me back from the life that is out there….basically making me feel inadequate.

But at some point you just have to say Fuck It and give up those stupid excuses.

I might always be large….then what? Look back on my life with a whole heap of regrets?

I remember before having my daughter, before I was even ready for kids I can remember thinking that before getting pregnant I would have to seriously lose a lot of weight, because otherwise after childbirth I would be sure to pile on even more and never have the motivation or time to lose it again.

It was a massive fear for me.

After having my daughter when my body went back quite easily to its size 16/18 frame I realised just how stupid I had been. In fact having my daughter was a complete wake up call. When you become a parent you can’t let your fears and insecurities be your driving force…you have to just get on with life.

I think many of us reach a point in life where we come to a cross roads, where we think NO MORE, or we feel in the pit of our bellies that we are ready for change. Sometimes it is triggered by a significant life moment, a birth or a death, sometimes its from a health scare, and sometimes its nothing major just an underlying feeling that you are not really living.

That feeling of frustration for not really being you, anxiety about leaving it too late, or fear that there isn’t anything else out there…or that perhaps you can’t change, can be all encompassing and scary by yourself. I know for me I spent huge chunks of my life going through these worries and fears alone, yet all of that changed when I started building a community of like minded women, and when I started asking and more importantly accepting help from those around me.

You can not do this stuff alone. Its too hard. Too scary. Too easy to slip back into old ways. Plus it’s fun to have other people on a journey with you. Its brilliant to share in other people’s success, and to support them through their challenges too. It makes all the difference.

  • How could you live a bigger more exciting life?
  • How could you be, do and have more?
  • How could you be more selfish? Have more time? Put your own needs first for a change?
  • How do you fancy working with me to help you figure it all out?

On Monday 25th September I am starting a brand new programme for 30 brave women, who are ready for their bigger, better life.

Working together initially for 10 week we are going to start getting to the bottom of what they truly want…I mean on a deep, deep level. And also look at what is holding them back. The group are going to set goals together, hold each other accountable and ultimately be there to see each other succeed.

And I will be there every step of the way, sharing with them my Going The Distance System, and giving a whole heap of resources and challenges to keep them motivated and inspired. I simply can’t wait to get started. And remember ladies this is not necessarily a fitness programme, this is more generally about life goals, things like travel, careers, relationships and anything else that sets your soul on fire.

The deadline for signing up is Friday 15th September, but the cart will close once all the places are gone. There are currently 14 places left.

Here is the link you need for the discounted pilot places

This programme is not just a 10 week mastermind, its not just about dipping your toe into these issues. The programme gives you life long access to the resources, the coaching and the closed Facebook community…so that each time a new cohort of women come in, you get to reevaluate and get cracking on those life goals again.

You might be thinking how am I qualified for this?

  • I have been coaching and mentoring people since I started working with young people back in the early nineties
  • I have over come huge adversity and challenges in my own life
  • In the last 4 years I have gone from unemployed single parent, to a successful entrepreneur with a global business, working as an international motivational speaker, and crafting a life that truly inspires me.
  • I have developed a coaching system which I have tested with hundreds of women through my online challenges and retreats
  • I have given talks to tens of thousands of women on the topics of goal setting and facing your fears
  • I lead by example. I don’t always have everything figured out, but I am always up for learning and exploring new options

And most importantly,

  • I am passionate about helping women live the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest life they can. This is what I was born to do. It is what I have always done, just never so formally until now…and it excites and scares the shit out of me in equal measure.

If you have any questions about the Living Bigger Lives Mastermind drop me a line at julie@toofattorun.co.uk I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I know I am going to have an epic group of women in this first group and I would love for you to be one of them

Remember we start on the 25th!!!

Live bigger ladies xxxx

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