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Lets think about it…you are never looking at your best when you are running, right?

Well I know I’m not. Theres the Lycra for a start, now I’m not talking a one piece suit, but running leggings are a must for me…to stop me from wobbling all over the gaff, then there’s the shirt…some times your lucky enough to wear your own, but more often than not its a mass produced ill fitting monstrosity that does nothing to flatter the larger lady and I alway wear a headband from swetty betty this is to keep my hair out of my face and sweat from my eyes (nice hey?)

The thing that always makes me cringe though are the faces I pull, half grimmice half smile…with my face all rosy red and not a sign of make up.

So thats why I always have this almighty sense of dread when I get the email saying the photos from the race I have just competed in are up. Most of the time you have to pay to have a download but sometimes they are free…but either way for me they are simply just evidence that I participated rather than something to show everyone.

But on this occasion I thought I’d upload this one…as I said in my earlier post theres not many people who can say they ran the 100 meter sprint and finished before Usain Bolt, 125 or so days faster in fact.

Anything nice about todays photo?

I think my shins/calfs look good….and my new trainers from Sweatshop are still looking fresh, I can see too that my shape is changing oh and if you look closely on my left hand you can see my beautiful engagment ring which is a new edition to my regular running kit.



  1. April 2, 2012

    that’s a lovely picture, so envious of such a cool certificate

  2. April 2, 2012

    Running photos make everyone look like ass, don’t worry! It’s just not a pretty hobby. 🙂

    • Love your blog…I too collect medals, think I have about 20 of them…in fact I might even have a bit of a count up and write a blog about it!!!

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