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I remember the first time I ever run on Christmas Day, I had not long moved into a place of my own so didn’t have the familiarity of waking up at my mums house, with a stocking at the end of my bed and the smell of breakfast cooking downstairs.

Nope…I was a grown up now, and the invite for Christmas dinner said NOT BEFORE 3pm!!!

I hadn’t been running that long, maybe a year or so and the idea of running on Christmas day was completely bonkers to me, but as I sat watching crappy festive TV and looking for any sign of life out of my apartments patio windows…I spotted a guy walking across the landing in running kit…short shorts in fact, and I thought to myself “What a freak”

And then I thought….actually?

It was only 9.30am, and it wasn’t like I had anything else to do.

So I went and got my gear on and I ran a 3 mile route close to where I live, a route I had run many times before. But this time did feel different. For a start the roads were empty. When I did see pedestrians they smiled at me…THIS NEVER HAPPENS WHERE I LIVE, and when I got to an area called the greenway which is a cycle path and walkway which cuts across East London, I actually started speeding up because it was so eerily quiet.

I could just imagine the headline in the local paper the following week

Festive Tragedy for Plus Size Runner

I run that section super fast for fear of being kidnapped. So fast that my Nike Plus gadget told me it was the fastest time I had ever recorded for 3 miles, by about 3 minutes.

That day back in 2007 was the day I fell in love with Xmas Day running.

Now I haven’t done it religiously over the years, for a start I found myself 9 months pregnant one year, and another year I was sunning myself on a Caribbean beach nursing a hangover…but most years I have managed to pop out for a 5K…in fact most years it has been the thing that has kept me sane.

This year I am spending the day with my sister, and a few days ago I breeched the subject with her and she was like fine…you can pop out while I’m preparing breakfast.


You see it takes a little bit of negotiation and planning, but I figure if you can get out on Xmas day for a run you can get out any other day in the year just as easy. So in many ways its symbolic of my continued desire to be a full blown runner.

You can imagine how excited I was to discover this year that #OneBigFatRun our FREE monthly 5k falls on Christmas Day.


Sign up here if you want to take part

Over the past few years we have seen close to 7,000 women take part in this virtual run, a run where there is no judgement about speed, or how you cover your 5K (as long as its on your feet of course), but the great thing about #OBFR is you can involve the whole family too.

I would love to smash our record of 450 women on one day in style, and therefore have sourced a number of prizes to give away on the day, including…

  • A FitBug Orb Activity Tracker
  • A pair of Denon Exercise Freak Headphones
  • A Clubhouse Membership
  • A TFTR Kit Goodie Bag

All you have to do is register for the race here, join our special Facebook page and on the day post a picture of you running. Bonus points will be awarded for costume and funny festive stories related to your run.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jayne pictured in the red santa suit. She submitted this photo last year during our countdown to christmas challenge and gave us permission to use it this year.

Our 31 day challenge is going really well, and our 250 women are having a blast…feedback so far has included…

Because of the countdown challenge I ended up doing today’s fast mile walk late this evening, in the dark, in the rain – and loved it.

I think I need this motivation in my life permanently. Julie Creffield any chance of ‘Countdown to 2018’ starting on New Years Day?

3.2 miles of interval training with my running group & 60 squats (from yesterday!) done. I am starving & fit to drop… Loving the motivation I’m getting from this group! This will be my fittest Christmas!

But the star post of the challenge so far has to go to Danni who submitted this picture yesterday saying

Catching up on my squats on the train this morning! Well what else am I to do on a 2.5 hour journey with no seat???


I love the  expression on bloke next to hers face!!!

So remember ladies do sign up for #OneBigFatRun for Xmas Day…and if you are wondering about our online running programmes for 2017…this is what you can look forward to starting in January.

  1. Let’s Get You Started – A 4 week introduction to running programme with a downloadable yearly planner, training templates and other resources just £15
  2. 5 Weeks to 5K – As seen on ITV’s This Morning, 5 weeks of coaching and support to get you up to that 5k distance just £25
  3. Scream If You Want to Run Faster – An 8 week improvers course to help you knock time off your 5K PB just £39.99
  4. Achieving Big Fat Stupid Goals – A 12 week life coaching mastermind, to help you create the life you truly desire EarlyBird Price £199 (Earlybird Prices finish on 31st December and places are limited)

And of course you are always welcome in The Clubhouse which is our online running club which costs just £59 for the year, sign up before 9th January and we will send you out our special TFTR Dream Planner to pin on your fridge worth £9.99

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