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Product Description

Women tell me all the time they wish they wasn’t so slow.

But slow is relative, and bares absolutely no relevance on your status as a runner in my eyes.

However, the fact still remains though, that many women while training for specific races, or simply trying to increase in confidence want to improve their running speed and feel lost as to where to start.

Many simply feel that because of their size, age, running style, and all range of other things, believe it’s simply not possible.

Scream If You Want to Run Faster is an online training programme that helps women improve their 5K speed with group accountability and 7 simple mindset and technique challenges.

Women who have taken part in this programme, and been consistent with their training have reported shaving off time with ease each week throughout the programme, with some women reporting as much as 6 minutes off their original baseline.

Who am I looking for?

– Women who have been running for at least 3 months or so
– Women who can walk/run a 5K in less than 1 hour
– Women who would like to improve their times by at least 5%
– Women who can commit to running 3 times a week
– Women who are happy to record their start and finishing stats
– Women who are happy to post about this on social media

What will you get?

– Closed Facebook Page to support each other throughout
– Weekly coaching emails with full instructions
– A before and after record sheet
– Downloadable templates and resources

Demand for this will be high in the New Year and there are only 100 spaces, so please do sign up ASAP. The fun starts on the 2nd May (places are limited though, so secure your place today!!!)

What did some of the ladies from our November pilot say?

I try harder, I have got faster and I am really enjoying running again.

I am faster, stronger and more confident. I feel like my shuffle has morphed into a stride.

I have renewed confidence that I am a runner.

I have got MUCH faster than before, and I have learned to push myself and take my running to the next level.

I’m 5 minutes faster over 5k and I haven’t done my normal autumn trick of giving up until spring.

I’m faster! And way more mindful.

80% of participants said they would recommend this online programme to a friend…not bad hey?

And this from Jenni

When I joined the pilot program I had been running on and off for about 3 years and I’d been a Clubhouse member for a little over a year. I am a 41 year old solo parent of a toddler and a preschooler who works and studies part time. I live in a subtropical climate (Australia). Earlier in the year I completed my first half-marathon (which was amazing!) and during my preparation for this I concentrated on building up distance rather than speed. As a result, my baseline 5k speed had gotten slower and slower and I felt pretty resigned about this.

I took part in the Scream if you want to Run faster program to reinvigorate my running after my half marathon and as I entered our hot and humid Summer months. This was during a very hectic and busy time of year professionally and personally, so to be honest, I planned my three weekly runs, but didn’t expect I would improve very much.

To my surprise, using the techniques I was able to reduce my 5km baseline by 2 minutes at week 2 and by a further 2.5 minutes by the end of the program – total reduction nearly 5 minutes! This has been very encouraging and exciting. It has reminded me how much I enjoy running, but also, that it can be fun to push myself just a little harder.

And what kind of ACTUAL improvements did they make?

  • Nicola Baseline 52.44 Final Run 48.44
  • Amanda Baseline 34.03 Final Run 32.21
  • Rachel Baseline 34.25 (which was a PB) Final Run 33.17
  • Jamie Baseline 40.36 Final Run 37.40 (But did a 36.00 run in week 5)
  • Leanne Baseline 34.48 Final Run 32.08 (Was focussing on 10K distance and knocked around 5 minutes off)
  • Jenny Baseline 47.30 Final Run 43 (Almost 5 minutes)
  • ME!!! Baseline 43.27 Final Run 33.39 (Almost 10 minutes off)


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