Health & Happiness MOT Workbook

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Hoping for a brilliant 2018?

Looking to review where you are at right now? Need a bit of help to make some achievable yet exciting plans for the next 12 months that will outdo any ridiculous New Years resolutions you might be thinking about?

My Health, Wealth & Happiness MOT Assessment walks you through 9 key areas of your life, helping you to get to the bottom of where you are excelling and where in your life needs a bit of extra attention, plus by downloading this PDF workbook you get a series of coaching emails from me to help you REALLY get set for an awesome 2018

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We put our cars in for an MOT assessment every 12 months don’t we? To make sure they have nothing seriously wrong with them, to make sure they drive safe, in many ways to give ourselves (and our insurance companies) piece of mind.

We don’t tend to do something similar for our bodies though do we? Or come to think of it any other aspect that makes up who we are?

OK so maybe we go to the doctors when something is already wrong with us, but it often takes us to hit rock bottom for us to reach out for proffesional help when it comes to our mental health…and spiritual health? Well, what even is that?

You see I am not really a fan of New Years Resolutions…I actually wrote a book about it a couple of years ago (Hint, hint its a great time to read it) but I am a big fan of regular planning and reviewing of goals, and assessing how I feel about where I am in my life.

I work on a 90 day (3 month) cycle, and January just happens to fall in one of those cycles.

So I use this 12 page Health, Wealth & Happiness MOT Workbook each year to review where I am and how I am feeling across 9 key areas of my life. This helps me to understand where things are working well and where they are not and most importantly what I am going to do about it…and there is not a “How much to you weigh?” question to be found in the document…I promise.

Download this PDF workbook today and also get a series of coaching emails over the next few days from me to walk you through the process and help you have an incredible 2018

I have used this framework with more than 50 women who I have coached over the past few years, and they have fed back that it has really helped them to work out where they need to focus their attention.


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