Dare to Dream Intensive

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Do you struggle to set goals?
Do you find it hard to decide what it is you want from life?
Or know what you want but can’t quite seem to get it?

What if I told you there was a way of firstly working out the stuff you REALLY want in life, rather than the stuff we think we should want, and then, more importantly, showed you a tried and tested way of actually getting it.

Like seriously.

Over the past 6 years I have transformed my life using this system.

I used to be one of those people who thought good things only happened to other people, I used to look at other peoples lives and think, its OK for them they are richer, smarter, prettier…oh and of course slimmer, its no wonder they have everything they want.

The thing was I didn’t know what I wanted let alone know how to go about getting it.

But not anymore and I can show you how too.

Join me for a 7 day intensive to

– Get to the bottom of what’s important to you
– Visualise what achieving your goals might look like
– Work out what habits, behaviors and ways of thinking are holding you back
– Start a new and powerful habit of manifesting your desires
– Learn a simple technique for making shit happen

I have been working on this programme all year, tweaking and formalising my ideas and I know you are going to love it. Sign up to the pilot round before the 1st January and get it at half the price.

This is not about New Years Resolutions, as this programme will be available all year round, but it is about giving yourself the time to sit and think about what you want this year, and the tools and techniques you learn through this programme you can use over and over again.

I have used this process this year alone to

– Secure a TEDx speaking gig
– Find the perfect business Mastermind group
– Run the New York Marathon (my bucket list race)
– Travel to see one of my business and spiritual role models (I even got to meet her in person)
– Get selected for the most prestigious speaking gig (and slot) in my industry in the UK
– Launch and sell out a new programme, raising £10,000 in the process
– Improve many of my relationships (including some quite challenging ones)
– Celebrate my 40th birthday in Rejkivic with my fav people

And so many more things I wanted to do this year.

This is not me showing off, this is not me going “look at me I’m so awesome”, or so lucky…I am not lucky, I have just worked out how to get what I want, and this stuff works, because I have used it with women in my 6 month coaching programme Living a Bigger Life…but I know that for some women working with me as their life coach is a big financial commitment, so I wanted to create a mini programme which shows you this aspect of it at a fraction of the price.

This pilot round will be the only time that this programme is so cheap.

So what do you get?

– 7 daily coaching videos
– PDF workbook which includes my 12 in 12 Framework and my Power of the Pen System
– Social Media Challenge (which in my view quadruples your chances of getting what you want)
– Sunday Vision Board Experience
– Live group sharing event on Sunday 6th January
– Plus, in the pilot round, one lucky lady will win a place on my January cohort of Living a Bigger Life worth £997

Sign up today for just £23.50


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