We all know that finding Kit that Fits is a nightmare if you are not built like the runners featured on the front of fitness magazines, but here at The Fat Girls Guide to Running we have been trying to address this.

In 2015 when the blog turned into a business one of the first set of products we started to sell were t-shirts and hoodies, we have sold well over 2000 of them. However as the community got bigger and bigger the task of keeping everyone happy and being able to offer merchandise in the right size and at the right price has become increasingly difficult.

We are currently reviewing our clothing offer and will hopefully have something in place in the Summer of 2019.

For the time being our shop will be the place where you can sign up for online training courses and in-person events. Please note Clubhouse Members often get these courses for FREE or at a considerable discount, so why not sign up to our online running club for just £10 per month.

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