5 Weeks to 5K Training Programme (Starts Jan)

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Based on our successful feature on ITVs this Morning programme, we now deliver a 5 week online running and mindset support programme for newcomers to running and those wanting to run more frequently and get up to that all-important 5K journey.

– Face your fears
– Establish a running habit
– Build in confidence
– Explore your environment
– Prepare for and succeed in finishing a 5K event

It’s as simple as that. What have you got to lose?

More than 2000 women have followed this programme, many going on to bigger distances or simply establishing a regular routine of running.

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Want to start running?
Ready to start back up with your running?
Is 2021 the year you get up to 5K and enjoy it?
Open to doing this with a bunch of women who ain’t going to judge your speed, your fitness level or your size?

I have just the thing.

Join our first cohort of 2021, with women working up to the 5k distance with my 5 weeks to 5K online programme.

In the Spring of 2015 Julie appeared on ITV’s This Morning and led 3 special ladies and the rest of the nation on a 5 weeks to 5k programme based on her best selling book of the same name. The ladies did incredibly well with all of them achieving their 5k goal and all of them still enjoying a more active lifestyle as a result (One lady has just received news of her London Marathon ballot place)

Unlike other popular running programmes available this one deals not only with how to run but with the psychological issues new runners face when starting out, the barriers that stop us from getting out the door and it gets participants to face their fears and then do it anyway.

So far more than 2000 women have been through this programme, often then going on to train for 10Ks and Half Marathons and plenty of other women simply enjoying the healthier and happier lifestyle this programme got them hooked on.

So why not join us for a 5 week supported programme to get you up and running in time for our February #OneBigFatRun virtual 5K

We get started in mid January…so sign up NOW before the price goes up.

How does it work?

You will join a closed Facebook Group
You will receive a 5 week to 5k planner to stick to your fridge
You will get weekly motivational videos from Julie
You will be set weekly and daily mindset and running challenges
You will be encouraged to post updates on how you are getting on
You will commit to taking part in #OneBigFatRun our virtual 5K

And most of all you will not be doing this alone, you will have the support of the TFTR coaching team and each other of course.

What do our women say about the programme?

The support form the other women doing the course was great

Excellent, very clear instructions, very supportive and help encouragement offered when needed, ran by a person who has been there and understands ….. weaknesses the 5 weeks flew over …. would you consider similar thing for the next step maybe once done 5 k you had a programme leading to 10k?

I tried using this as a way to improve my pace a bit, and managed to take off 4mins 4secs from my 5k time 🙂

I loved the group and the way it was non-judgemental, we were there together to spur each other on. We didn’t have to as we were strangers, but we did. I have found it life-changing, it has helped me psychologically to know I’m not a failure which is how depression can get you. I would never have tried to run 5k without the support of these other wonderful women.

The course was brilliant. Julie set the structure and built a community of supportive and positive people. I can’t think of any weakness, other than it is possible to be under the radar and not participate but then those women would not get out of it what they should. Julie and Diane were great positive and encouraging, their pep talks really helped when things weren’t going well, but what was really surprising was how the women in the group really supported each other.

Great plan to follow, lots of support, Facebook made it my daily thing to look at rather than a chore/fitness plan i do alone.

Feel better in myself, generally, sleeping better, seem to naturally be making better food choices. Better mind set.

When I started I couldn’t jog for more than a minute or two without walking. Last weekend I jogged a whole 5k without stopping!!

The support from Julie and the rest of the group is what has spurred me on and made me accountable. As we are all going through the same training struggles, and dealing with life as it hits us, that morale has been the best boost. The pace of ‘exercise’ has been great, steady and surely and got me to my target before i knew it.


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