10K Your Way Online Programme




I designed 10K Your Way with the idea that we can all get up to the 10K distance if we take away the pressure of having to stick to a rigid plan, and build up in a way that makes sense to us.

What You’ll Get From 10K Your Way?

As a Student of 10K Your Way, you can expect to take away lots of new knowledge. You can also expect to…

– Access weekly coaching videos designed specifically for this Course.
– Meet new people who are also interested in reaching 10K too
– Set a goal of running a 10K and achieve it
– Make better, more well-informed decisions with all of your new knowledge.
– Improve your self-awareness and create new habits

You will join our Too fat to Run Facebook community as one of the best parts about 10K Your Way is that you will increase your distance as part of a community. Share your thoughts and ideas, and let us know what you’re learning as you work through the material.

Engage with your peers. We’re all in this together, and we’ll learn a whole lot more (AND have more fun) if we help each other out.

Ask and answer questions. Feeling stuck or confused? We’re here for you. Share your questions, and we’ll help you work through them.

Post about it publicly if you feel able. This can increase accountability and encourage other women to give it a go

We’ve prepared some awesome material for you, and we’re so excited for you to get started. Happy learning!


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