100 Ways to Stop Dieting & Start Living




100 days of no dieting or self loathing replaced instead with…

100 days of self care and positive self talk
100 easy to action tasks around the concepts of food, fitness & fun plus…
100 days of coaching and support from Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Julie Creffield

And a series of expert guests too.

Did you know?

The average woman in the UK spends 31 years of her life on a diet.

But imagine if she woke up one day and just decided to stop. Decided to stop hating on herself and trying to make herself physically smaller, and instead focused on actually liking herself and taking care of her mind, body and soul.

Crazy thought right?

Imagine a world where women used the time, energy and resources that were once spent on dieting on making the world for women, and everyone else in fact, a better, more healthier, more happier place? A world where people were not judged on how they looked but on what contribution they made to the world….or perhaps not even judged at all.

What does the programme entail?

You will be given access to a closed Facebook Group with other women on the programme
You will receive a daily email with a video and/or simple task from Julie
You will have access to a range of guest experts
You will have the opportunity to take part in regular live coaching calls with Julie on different mindset topics
You will get involved in discussions and share your progress in the group and more broadly on social media if you are keen
You will be given ideas for fitness, nutrition, well-being, self-care, mindfulness, spirituality, productivity and happiness
You will receive a whole heap of love
You will be asked to fill in an end point survey after 100 days to see what progress you have made

What have you got to lose, or more importantly what have you got to gain?

If you are unable to pay the £100 in one go, you can sign up via this sales page for 3 x £33.33 (Saving yourself a whopping £0.01p)


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