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Any of these noises sound familiar? You know that moment when you reach the end of a 5K and you look at your watch and realise you haven’t run as fast as you would have liked?

Yeah me too.

For the longest time I used to get really frustrated by my apparent lack of speed. I seriously thought I had one pace setting and that was SLOW. This had such a negative impact on my confidence, and it prevented me from progressing in the sport.

But it doesn’t have to be like this, you can run faster, just as I learned to, all you need to do is

  1. Believe
  2. Set Goals
  3. Take Action

scream-mockupScream if you want to RUN Faster is my latest book

While researching this book I tested the theories with 100 women and we saw some incredible results. I knocked just short of 10 minutes off my 5K parkrun time…so these techniques work.

The book helps you to understand that speed is relative and plays no role in defining you as a runner, but it also gives you the mindset tools and practical techniques you need to grow in confidence and improve your 5k times.

The reviews on Amazon are brilliant, and I know the book will help thousands of women progress in the sport.

This inspiring book from Julie Creffield could be just what you need if you are running regularly but need a bit of a prod to get your speed up. I am in that category – I would LIKE to run faster, but never seem to get round to doing anything to make that happen.

Reading this book feels like getting sound advice from a really good friend. Julie knows how many of us overweight runners convince ourselves that we can’t ever run faster. Her ideas are easy to follow and have been tested by women just like me, so I feel like I really can’t argue with them! I only wish I read this book on a Friday, because then I could have followed the tip of starting the programme with a timed parkrun to act as a baseline for time. But I was itching to go for a run the morning after I read the book.

I have achieved a parkrun PB already and I am planning to go a little faster each week. Recommended. You have nothing to lose (except minutes off your Pb).

Remember, running fast is not the be all and end all, but the feeling of making improvements week on week, and pushing your body and your mind is incredible. I mean just look at the smile on my face when I smashed my goal during the pilot.


The book is available as an ebook and paperback, let’s see if we can get it into the top 10 spot on Amazon.

We will also be running another online programme where 100 women will use the techniques from this book but with coaching from me and a closed Facebook group for accountability.

Click here to sign up, we start on Monday 23rd January

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