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Lucy Benton Photo 3 10kmWelcome to a new week of inspiration from the Too Fat to Run Clubhouse Ladies. I am thoroughly enjoying hearing the views and opinions from our members. Today’s offering is from Lucy Benton a photographer, writer and small business owner who also writes at oreosandgin.com. I first met Lucy in person when we did the EuroDisney Half Marathon weekend, last September. Happily married & mum to 2 boys. She is fierce advocate for living your best life.  

What does running & female empowerment have in common as far as I’m concerned? I’ve been running for about 2 years now and in that time, I’ve also been on an incredible growth journey.

I feel Running has a lot to do with it. Let me break this down.

Running for me is my freedom, my escape, my self-care. I love the feeling of me, my 2 feet & the woods.

2 years ago, I came across a quote that said,

Exercise is not punishment for what you ate, it’s a celebration of what your body can do.

That was such a eureka moment for me. My body has shown me what it can do. I went from 5ks to now training for my half marathon. It amazes me and as a result my confidence soared.

This year we’ve seen a lot of female movements come to the fore. #MeToo, #TimesUp, Larry Nassar & Harvey Weinstein being exposed for their crimes. There has been a temperature shift in our society. Women are speaking up ever so loudly – this is good.Lucy Benton Photo 4 Medal

There is still so much to be done when it comes down to it though especially in the fitness arena.  More & more people are realising that it is possible to be fat & fit. Yet, for me it still feels like we are at the forefront of carving out a space in the fitness world.

There will always be body shammers who want to erase you because they have such a narrow-minded view of what an athlete looks like. For me, it is an act of rebellion to shut that down.

You can do your own thing. You can run because it makes you happy. Because your soul comes alive when you do. Because it’s a hard thing to do and you relish the challenge. You can run, because you bloody well can!

So get out there & run!



Thanks Lucy, keep it up, you are an inspiration.

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