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So I am not running the London Marathon this year, in fact I didn’t last year either. I have found training for a Spring Marathon really challenging during the busiest time of the year in my business so I am instead focussing on an ultra marathon in July and a trail marathon in October.

However I won’t be missing out on all of the London Marathon fun.

We have 11 ladies from the Clubhouse (our online running club) taking part in the race this year, and therefore will be hosting our infamous cheering station at Mile 10 once again, and we would love for you to come and join us.


Last year I got there super early so I could drive across Tower Bridge with our banners before it closed (it closes at 8am)…which was just as well because a few hours later the whole area was super crowded.

So I figured I would write this post with some simple instructions of how to find us at the cheer station and the timings etc. It truly is a great way to experience the race.

So where will we be?

So the Mile 10 Marker of the London Marathon is on Salter Road in Rotherhithe, we are actually a few hundred yards before the marker, on a bridge just before the junction with a road called Norway Gate – Look at for Too Fat To Run Banners on either side of the road.

Here is a PDF of the whole route VMLM_CourseMap_2016 and a picture to give you a sense of where we are.


The nearest Tube Station to our cheering spot is Surrey Quays (approx. 1 mile) or Canada Water (approx. 0.6 mile)

Canada Water Directions Link

Surrey Quays Directions Link

It does get super super busy super early and my best tip would be to arrive early before any of the elite runners pass.

The mass race doesn’t start until 10am so you might expect to not see runners until around 11am, however before that there is the wheelchair race and the elite race, so my advice would be to get to the cheering station no later than 9am, because by 9.30 last year the crowds were already getting their spots on the route….this way we can have a bit of a chin wag before the serious job of cheering starts.

Remember that certain roads will be impossible to cross once the Marathon gets underway.


What to bring.

Travel light, no unnecessary belongings.

Check the weather in regards to what to wear…but many of us will be wearing Too Fat to Run branded race tops etc.

Bring whistles, horns etc…we plan to make a lot of noise, especially for our runners as they come past.

There are no shops nearby, so bring any water or other refreshments you might need….but remember there are no loos too close either (probably about a 15 minute walk away)

We will have confetti bombs on hand for all our brave runners out on the course.

This is a family friendly cheering spot, so feel free to bring family along too. Although if bringing a pushchair please do arrive early.

How long will we be there?

I will be there from 8am until at least 2pm.

Last year we waited for our last runner to come through and then hung around for another hour or so cheering on runners we didn’t know until about 2pm I think.

Most runners will get to the 10 mile mark in 3-4hours even if doing a run walk strategy.


Many of the cheering gang will then make there way to the final miles of the race to see our ladies finishing….and we are hoping to organise a post event drinks somewhere…but this is still being arranged.

We would love to have a big gang of us, last year was fabulous and really bonded us together as a community. This year I know its just going to be even better

So hopefully see you there…

Oh and if you are running next week (GOOD LUCK) do let us know (give us a sign or shout at us) so we can give you an extra special cheer as you come by.

If you have any questions, or would like to let us know to expect you please drop a message to help@toofattorun.co.uk

Here is the official spectator guide if you are going it alone and spectating elsewhere on the route


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