I am a planner, I always have been.

Putting pen to paper helps me to commit to my goals, my dreams my aspirations.

And it has to be on paper, and it has to be somewhere visible.

I am a massive fan of the Leonie Dawson Planners, and I use these to help plan my business and life goals each year….and they have transformed the way I think about ticking things off my “want to do” list.

Each month I plan out my running using one of the Too Fat to Run monthly planning sheets (you will have received one of these if ever you bought on of our shirts) or have taken part in any of our online coaching programmes.

However this year I wanted to have something that made me look at the bigger picture.

img_8557So I designed a TFTR dream board poster, and have just sent a hardcopy out to all of my Clubhouse members around the world as a little thank you gift for being part of my awesome community.

If you join The Clubhouse before the 9th January, I will send you welcome pack worth £9.99 including one of these.

The idea is the questions help prompt your thinking around what you want to achieve and then my committing it to paper and pinning it somewhere visible, it helps with accountability….and you can see your progress through they year. It is sure to be a great motivator.

So do you want one?

Well there are only 3 ways of getting your hands on one

  1. Join The Clubhouse before the 9th January and get a FREE pack in the post
  2. Buy a planning pack from our shop for £9.99 and we will send the hard copies to you
  3. Buy a downloadable planner for just £4.99 and you can print it out yourself

In the New Year we will be doing a bit of a social media competition where we share our goals. So get yours ASAP so you can get involved in the plan.

Right…now I actually need to start filling my one in too.

Hopefully if these sell well, next year I can progress to a proper planner with week by week templates, training notes, and all sorts of other exciting areas to write about your running, health and happiness.

But one step at a time right?

Starting in mid January I will be working with a small group of women over a 12 week period to help them set and achieve their own Big Fat Stupid Goals for 2017, we have 8 ladies signed up so far.

The early bird price of £199 finishes on 31st December.

This is a fantastic way to work up and personal with me as you will receive 121 coaching and be part of a closed Facebook page where you can ask me anything you like. This is the stuff I love doing, helping women to achieve their goals…whatever they might be

Click here for more info

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