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With 2017 just hours away now…it gives me great pleasure to announce that my book New Year Same You is now available as an audiobook via Audible.

This is exciting on a number of levels…but I am excited mainly because so many women have been asking for this so that they can listen to it while marathon training.

It now means the book is available as

Now it just needs to be made into a film and we are laughing!!!

The thing is this book is a much needed antidote to the barrage of negative messages we hear around this time of year. Just yesterday I came across an advert from a weight loss coach which read,

Would you rather carry on buying tent dresses, than do the work to lose your belly fat?

Yes…I kid you not.

I doubt she will have many ladies signing up for her services with that negative marketing message.

The thing is these messages are everywhere, so its no wonder we all get swept up in it.

How many years are we going to go into January with a “Maybe this year” attitude? Don’t get me wrong I am all for setting goals and having ambitions for better health and happiness, I just don’t think resolutions in January are the way.

When this book came out last year it went into the number 2 spot on Amazon in health books…under Joe Wicks…a nice play to be some might say…my point is though, without Mr Wicks in the picture this book would have sat in the number 1 spot for many months.

The reviews speak for themselves, and the best thing is I have women message me all throughout the year telling me about the things they have implemented in their life as a result of the book.

Thats what its all about right?

Women taking action.

Just today I got a message on Facebook from a woman currently reading the book.

I Louise Littlewood, declare Revolt Against Hideous Resolutions. Raaaahhhhhhhrrr
And encourage all my friends and family to do the same and read this amazing exceptional book by Julie Creffield. NEW YEAR, SAME YOU.

Anyway, I hope you get a chance to read or listen to this book…it is revolutionary in its “you are OK just as you are” message, especially at this time of the year.

If I don’t get a chance tomorrow to wish you the best for 2017, I hope you have a wonderful adventure filled year where your quest is about improving your health and happiness in whichever way feels right for you.

Much love


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