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It has started already hasn’t it.

The whole health and fitness industry are gearing up for their annual frenzy of advertising….and lets not think about the campaigns which will hit our screens from the dieting world on 1st January.

I’ve already had emails with headings like

“Avoid Santa Belly This Xmas”
“Want to indulge this Christmas and not feel bad?”
“Guilt Free Festive Feasting”

Doesn’t all this talk of guilt imply this is something we should feel by default.

Urgghhh, it drives me nuts.

It is like it is programmed into us to only ever make changes at key points like on January 1st, or the day after a big birthday…or in the lead up to a big milestone birthday. What about making the changes you want to make now, this very second? Why wait?

And anyway, what if you don’t want to change?

What if you don’t want to conform to the idea that you always have to be improving to be good enough? What if you looked in the mirror today and said

Do you know what I love you body


img_9616As a slight antidote to this new year new you mayhem, last year published my book New Year, Same You that challenges all of these assumptions and perceptions.

It must have struck a chord because it went into the charts in January at number 2 under Joe Wicks…which come on lets face it ladies, its not a bad place to be right?

Anyway today its on amazon for just £3.99 as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal.

Just check out the reviews

And good luck in ignoring all the ridiculous marketing messages over the next few months…I find sticking my middle finger up at anything really offensive works well.


Oh and while you are hanging out on Amazon, you might want to take a look at my new book “Scream if you want to Run Faster” which is available to preorder from today too.


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