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So yesterday I spent most of the afternoon feeling sick.

Like really sick.

The moment I have been waiting for had arrived.

The TEDx talk I had recorded back in July had gone live on YouTube…..eeeeekkk.

So many emotions,

  • What if people didn’t like it?
  • What if nobody bothered to watch it
  • What if people thought I looked ridiculous on that stage

The irony is not lost on me that my talk is about not fearing judgement…but I am human, I am a woman…we worry about what others think…what can I say.

This feeling didn’t last long though.

In between playing board games with my 5 year old, and packing for an upcoming staycation, bit by bit I started sharing the YouTube video with my friends and clients, and the comments started coming in.

The whole point of this talk was to share my story, to be more visible…to show other women that it is OK for them to be visible too.

So here it is (Click on the picture to play)

When I first found out I would be doing a TEDx talk back in January, and decided on my topic, I set a target of having 1 million women see the video and this is how you can help me,

  1. Watch the video (obviously)
  2. Comment on YouTube & on Social media anywhere you see it
  3. Share with anyone you think might like to see this
  4. Talk about it to people
  5. Watch it again (this time thinking about things you can actually do to LIVE BIGGER)

Oh and look out for an exciting development later in the year called “Big Nights In” where you get to explore these issues in more detail with your besties.

I have a busy few weeks coming up.

I am finalising the last few chapters of my upcoming book, which is all about the concept of Living Bigger, looking at ways we can stop dieting and start living.

I am training for my ultimate bucket list race…THE NEW YORK MARATHON who have just informed me they are going to be featuring me and my blog in all of their publicity.

I will be preparing for new women joining my movement in my two signature courses

  1. The Living a Bigger Life Mastermind – a 3 month intensive coaching programme for women who want to make BIG changes
  2. Stop Dieting, Start Living – a 7 week transformative programme to help women quit the diet mindset and start focusing on true health and happiness.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the future…to be able to do this important work.

I wish I hadn’t wasted so much of my life in the diet trap…putting my life on hold until I got smaller.

I am also feeling incredibly proud of myself. The person who stood on that red spot in July was unrecognisable from the person  who just 4 years ago was at absolute rock bottom, and couldn’t bear the sight of themselves in photos let alone a 13 minute video.

Right…I’m off for a week to build sand castles and rest from a busy few months. Keep an eye out on social media over the next few months to see how this all pans out. On Facebook starting September 3rd I will be running a series of FREE lunch and learns about the Living a Bigger Life philosophy. 

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend xxx

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