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In 2013 shortly after having my daughter Rose, I went along to my local business development agency for some advice about turning my blog “The Fat Girls Guide to Running” into a business. A middle aged man with grey hair and a suit that looked older than me said,

That ain’t a business love, thats a hobby…its all about your ego, it’s all you, you, you…and you’ll never make any money from it

Hmmmmm, well that told me didn’t it.


A few days later I started work on my first ebook From Slouch to 10K as I wanted to test his theory. Was this just a hobby, would my followers ever actually buy anything from me?

The book took only a few days to complete. Rose was still so very small she slept most of the time, and I had a bee in my bonnet and hadn’t been as driven as this in months.

I designed my own book cover, uploaded it on to Amazon and started to promote it.

By the end of the week, the book was in the top 10 running books on Amazon, number 9 I think…and I had made £350 worth of profit.

Earning money through doing something I felt really passionate about felt amazing, but boy does that feel like a million years ago now!!

The last 3 years have been really tough.

Elements of what that business advisor told me were true, it was near on impossible to find sponsors and advertisers, converting fans in to customers would be challenging, cash flow would be hard to manage….but I am still here.

I have since written 4 more books, which have all done reasonably well….with great reviews on Amazon.

The sales of these help with income generation obviously, but they also position me as an expert in my field (even if that is a somewhat unorthodox one), it illustrates my followers belief in the brand…but most importantly it helps me build trust and rapport with women all over the world.

When I sent my latest book off to my editor last week, she sent it back a few days later with comments and amendments etc, but also the following message,

I really, really enjoyed reading and editing this! I did most of it in Starbucks and snorted my latte out on a couple of occasions! I love your writing, you just make me feel like I am down the pub with you, chatting about running! Good going girl – engaging, funny and desperately makes me want to try it out!

It helps that this awesome woman is a plus size runner too…so she gets it.

New-Year-New-You-book-mockupI have enjoyed writing all of my books over the years and getting feedback from women about how they have helped, last years book New Year, Same You which is all about the crazy concept of new years resolutions, giving more practical suggestions for year round health and happiness at whatever size.

Well this book is like my baby, I am incredibly proud of it…and know it 100% transforms womens thinking on health. (It’s currently available on Amazon for £7.99 instead of £11.99 so snap it up now if you haven’t already)

But the big announcement today is Scream if you want to Run faster.


This book has been in the making for well over 2 years.

I first started researching it whilst training for the Brighton Marathon in 2014 when I started going to track sessions in an attempt to speed up a little. I realised how so much of this was about mindset, and I came up with 7 techniques that I believed would get me running a sub 30 minute 5K and a 5 hour marathon.

The 5 hour marathon wasn’t to be as I pulled a muscle in my back a few days before the race, but 3 weeks later I did almost get my 5k goal…recording 30.07 at Hackney parkrun, a full 16 minutes faster than the times I had been running 5ks in just 3 months prior.

My techniques worked…I just wanted to get under 30 minutes to prove it 100%.

I never managed to do that sadly, as my home circumstances changed and opportunities for me to get to parkrun every week, and track on a Monday night become fewer and fewer. And so the half written book sat on my desktop and I wondered if I would ever get the chance to share it with my ladies.

And then over this summer, loads of ladies in The Clubhouse (Our online running club) were asking me about how to improve their speed….it’s not something we really focus on much, but we have women training for marathons at the moment and it became a hot topic of conversation.

Thats when the idea hit me.

What if I get 100 women from the Too Fat to Run community to test the techniques in this book, and use that to back up my claims instead. So thats what I did. We ran a pilot over an 8 week period from the end of August through until November, got some incredible results and feedback about the programme and the rest is history as they say.

I had great fun writing this book and I really do think it will help thousands of women think and feel differently about their running.

In January I will also be running a second online programme for 100 new women wanting to improve their 5K times. Places are limited on this though and are filling up fast. Click here for more info

Look, I know ladies that Speed is not everything, but even a 5% increase can really help you,

  • Feel more confident as a runner
  • Feel like you are making some progress
  • Make it easier to find running buddies locally
  • Make it less likely to come last in a race (although this is never a given)

Think about how knocking a few minutes off your time would make you feel right now? During the pilot phase I went from 43.27 to 33.39…shaving off 9 whole minutes!!! It made me feel EPIC!!!


The book is available for preorder today for just £8.99, and the price will go up closer to the official launch date on January 9th.

I really hope you guys show your support as you always have and get behind the book by sharing it with your running pals, and letting me know what you think of it through reviews.

It is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to something, whether thats turning a blog into a business, writing your first book, or improving your 5K speed…mindset is EVERYTHING!!!!

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