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So I got up early this morning and cycled to BMF.

Now the thing I like most about BMF is the diversity of it’s participants, there are all kind of people there, of all backgrounds and many different sizes and levels of fitness.

Today however I was the only overweight person in my team, and I was also the most unfit/slowest, which actually isn’t always the case. I really struggled today to keep up with the group, and this was frustrating cos I know I can do better. Looking at me today you wouldn’t ever guess that I completed a half marathon less than a week away.

Now I know I shouldn’t care about this, as I’m on my own journey. But I do care. I want to be fitter and faster and slimmer, and I wonder if I will ever get there.

  1. October 2, 2010

    Don’t be hard on yourself, everyone has their off days. You did a half marathon just a week ago when most of the population were sitting on their sofas eating crisps and watching telly.

    • October 2, 2010

      Yeah I know, I’m just really keen to up my fitness, I seem to never improve. I just have to keep chipping away at it and not be so hard on myself.


  2. You will get there honey, just don’t give up. I know it’s easy to compare yourself to other people but you are right – it’s your journey and all you can do is focus on yourself. At least you are out there doing your thing so well done!


  3. October 2, 2010

    You will get there!

  4. October 2, 2010

    Maybe your still feeling the effects from your race last week

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