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This month we are featuring one of our newest Clubhouse members, in fact she first signed up to our 5 weeks to 5k programme and threw herself into the whole thing in such a way she has truly been a breath of fresh air. Say hello to twenty six year old running sensation Joey Jones,

Where do you live?   I’m originally from London (south east) but moved to Wales for university when I was 18 and have never moved back. We currently live in the outskirts of Newport but would eventually like to move to a more rural place in mid Wales.

BMI and/or Dress Size  My BMI is currently 34.5 which puts me in the obese category. Depending on what shop I’m in I can range from a size 12-16.

When did you start running and why?  I really started putting thought into actually running this January, before that I’d done a lot of walking and a few 5 and 10k Race for Life’s but could never run the whole thing. I realised at the start of this year that I was letting life pass me by because I was scared of failing. I’m only 26 and I need to get the most out of life and do things that I want to, so if I want to run, I’m going to run! I also get stressed a lot which affects my health in general and running really helps with that.

What motivated you to join The Clubhouse  I’ve previously made contact with local running clubs about joining and they’ve always said you have to be running 10k easily before joining. Well I was finding it hard to get off the sofa, let alone run 10k. Also, on the five weeks to 5k Facebook page everyone is so friendly and supportive. There’s no bitching and it’s so refreshing so I figured I’d take the plunge.

Where are you at the moment on our coloured ability scale?  I’m currently a run/walker but incredibly surprised at how much longer my runs are becoming and how much shorter my walks are getting just from having started the 5k programme. I’m not embarrassed to say that every time I get in from a run I’ve surprised myself.

What do you hope to get from being part of this running club? Friendship and advice mostly. I love sharing ideas and as I’m currently running alone would love to meet up with other members at upcoming runs.

How often do you run?  I currently run 3 times in the week and do Parkrun on a Saturday. I do the Tredegar House parkrun in Newport. It’s three laps of the grounds with excellent volunteers and a fun atmosphere. On the days I don’t run I try and get out for a walk (I’m currently trying to convince my husband we need a dog for this reason, six years and he still hasn’t given in!) 

What kind of distances do you run in training? Currently I’m just edging up to 4k run/walking during training.

Joey JonesHave you taken part in any races? I’ve previously done three or four 5k Race for Life runs and two 10k. I have a lot of races planned in this year (motivation!) ranging from the Saint David’s Day 5k in Cardiff at the end of February which will be my end of 5 Weeks To 5k race a half marathon in November. I’ve also discovered the world of virtual races so have a few 5ks, 10ks and challenges lined up with them as well. The two I’m most excited about is The London Challenge (walking/running a marathon during the eight days leading up and on the day of the London Marathon) and the 1000k challenge (running/walking 1000k within the year). This year’s looking like a good one!

What is your running goal for this year?  My running goal for this year is to run for 30 minutes without stopping and to complete the half marathon in November.

How can other members best support or encourage you?   Keep on being their hilarious and supportive selves. There’s no other site I’d be able to comment about being so tired I put my sports bra on inside out and people not think I was a weirdo.

What is the one thing which you think would improve your running  Learning to breath properly and also stamina. I’m currently also working on a proper warm up/cool down to prevent injury   

I think you will agree Joey is a pretty amazing woman hey? If you know someone who deserves a bit of recognition like this, please drop us a line at help@toofattorun.co.uk with Runner of the Month in the header

If you would like to join Joey and 160 other awesome women in our unique online running club then look out for information regarding how to join The Clubhouse. 

We are currently undergoing a review and revamp to bring in a range of additional experts and you will able to join from 1st April. 

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