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So it’s that time again.

Time to find out a little bit about one of our Clubhouse members in a bit more detail.  This month we feature Carrie Pearson aged 37 from Sunderland, in North East England. She is currently a Dress Size 18. I first came across Carrie when she posted this photo of her taking part in One Big Fat Run.

carrie 2

When did you start running and why? July 2014 with Couch 2 5K

What motivated you to join The Clubhouse – I had previously been part of the other groups like Bish Bash Bosh and found the support and motivation brilliant. It is great to have ‘normal’ people trying to achieve the same goals, no matter how far along the road they are, but pulling together to support one another and motivating them to achieve their goals.

Where are you at the moment on our coloured ability scale? I had just graduated from Run Walker to jogger (Although I hate the word, ha) that’s a big step though, I guess there are loads of women still trying to get there

What do you hope to get from being part of this running club? Support! I would never have achieved the things I have so far without the support of the group. They make you feel like ‘Yes I Can’ and I find I’m more likely to get my trainers on, if the girls are too!

How often do you run? 2-3 times a week, it really depends on the work/house/kids balance that week. I know that feeling

What kind of distances do you run in training? I am currently running 5k, but hoping to gradually increase it, but I can’t see myself as a distance runner, but I did say that about being a runner at all!

Do you parkrun? (if so which one) I did my first Parkrun (Sunderland Parkrun) on Saturday, it was really hard, but the support from those volunteers and the runners were amazing.

Have you taken part in any races? – I currently run a few virtual races and have done the Neon Run, I am hoping to do the Great North 5k and in a moment of madness signed up for the Richmond 10k which I will be running with The Clubhouse

post ParkrunWhat is your running goal for this year? I am currently reassessing my goals, as this year I set goals of; being able to run 5k without stopping, get a medal, do a parkrun and get a sub 40 on a 5k, all of which I have achieved within the last 2 weeks.

How can other members best support or encourage you? By doing what they do best, congratulate those achievements you think wouldn’t matter to anyone else, bigging you up, supporting your downs and giving ‘real’ advice.

What is the one thing which you think would improve your running – having more faith in myself and more time.

Well from what I can see on the Facebook Group Carrie is doing all the right things, and I can’t wait to meet her (and everyone else) at the Richmond half in September which I know she’s going to smash. Keep telling her how fantastic she is ladies xx

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