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Are you living your biggest life?

Well, are you?

Are you spending your time, energy and resources on things that are really important? Things that matter? Or are you too busy worrying about what you look like, what strangers may or may not think of you, and whether you will EVER fit into those size 12 jeans again?

I get it I really do.

I spent 20 years of my life trying not to be FAT….when I could have been doing so much more with my life.

But no more.

I am on a mission to help other women realise that we are more than what we look like and that we can live BIGGER, more EXCITING more PURPOSEFILLED lives.

I spent the summer researching and writing this book, Living a Bigger Life based on the past two years of working with women as a life coach, helping them work out what they want from their lives, and supporting them to achieve their BIG, FAT, STUPID, GOALS.

So…as we hurtle towards the end of this year, why not use the remaining weeks of 2018 to do a total life overhaul?

Order the ebook, do the work…and let me know how you get on using the #iblamejulie hashtag on social media, and then look out for some updates next year for our first set of Big Nights In…a concept which is going to transform how we interact with the women in our lives.

Other ways you can get involved in the Living a Bigger Life Movement?

  1. Join me on my STOP PLAYING SMALL VIP day in London on the 7th December
  2. Join my January 6 Month Living a Bigger Life Mastermind Programme
  3. Take my FREE Health, Wealth & Happiness Assesment

Don’t forget to order the book though.

Check out what women are already saying about it.

Right, must dash…I have to make my way to the airport.

This weekend I am achieving one of my BIG FAT STUPID GOALS…to run in Central Park in New York…in fact, I will be running 26.2 miles around the city…exciting hey?

Wish me luck.

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