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Think you’re too fat to run?

Think again!

> Do you struggle to think of yourself as a “Proper Runner”?

> Do you want to start running, but feel that you need to lose weight before you start?

> Do you find yourself thinking “I’d love to sign up for that race… but maybe when I’m thinner”?

Well let me tell you…

You’re in the right place, and you’re not alone.

“The Clubhouse is SO much more than just a running club.

It’s a support network, a sounding board and a source of so much encouragement.”

– Sharon, Clubhouse Member


The Clubhouse is the world’s ONLY virtual running club for plus sized women where we focus on health and happiness, not speed or distance.

You’ll be welcomed into a warm community of women from across the Uk and beyond who are challenging stereotypes of overweight women and the idea that they are ‘too fat to run’.

Unlike traditional running clubs in The Clubhouse you won’t stand out for being the fattest or the slowest and you will never be left behind, plus you fit our training sessions in around your busy life…not the other way round.

Did you know…you’re 70% more likely to stick to a new positive habit when you’re surrounded by a supportive community like ours that keeps you accountable and that’s what The Clubhouse is all about!

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Are you ready to stop waiting on the weight to shift, and start proving that there’s no such thing as “too fat to run”?

Join the worlds only virtual running club for plus size women for just £59

Gain in confidence and become a stronger runner at your own pace

Get inspiration, motivation and accountability direct from your mobile phone when you need it

Get weekly training sessions to try sent direct to your inbox

Want in?

Your investment: £59 for a 12 month membership

Join The Clubhouse

“So pleased I found The Clubhouse.

There’s no way I’d be running a marathon in two days if it wasn’t for Julie.”

– Kerry, Clubhouse Member

What you get when you sign up:

  • Immediate access to our exclusive private Facebook Community
  • To be one of the first people to enter our all new membership site and home of The Clubhouse
  • 12 Months of exclusive training, live Q&As, guest expert support, printable resources, challenges and podcasts with Julie Creffield.
  • A space where you can feel supported, inspired and truly at home.
  • Opportunities to represent Too Fat to Run at photoshoots, events and meet ups
  • Discounts on merchandise, events and our annual retreat



How does a ‘virtual running club work’?

Just like a traditional one really but without ever having to be at the back of the pack. We send you a weekly training session which you can do alone and feed back on, or arrange to meet with women in your local area…whichever suits you that week.

You can also use the Too Fat to Run coaches and other members as a sounding board to ask advice, find training buddies and get support when things get tough.

I’m a total beginner, will the training be too much for me?

Our weekly training session suggestions can be adapted for all levels as we have walkers, joggers and runners in our tribe. Not every session will suit where you are on your journey, but there will be some fall back ones that you can rely on time and time again, as all sessions are stored in our resources area so that you gain confidence planning and implementing your own programme

I’ve heard that running overweight is bad for your joints etc. Should I lose some weight before I start trying to run? 

We always encourage our members to listen to their bodies and build up gradually. Running in bad shoes, and on hard surfaces as a beginner carrying a lot of weight can of course cause injuries. This is especially true if you don’t take care to warm up or you go too fast or too far, too soon. There is a lot of evidence that says running can actually strengthen the muscles that support your joints (particularly knees) and some exercise has to be better than none. Besides we have lots of power walkers in the Clubhouse too.

Want in?

Your investment: £59 for a 12 month membership

Join The Clubhouse

“Six months ago, I couldn’t have even contemplated being able to run.

I’ve gone from being out of breath from just 5mins of walking to running 5km!”

– Victoria, Clubhouse Member