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Ever since taking up running and doing my first marathon I’ve always had this strange desire to run an ultra marathon…I know I know, its a bit crazy, especially seeing as some days I struggle to even do parkrun without a bit of walking….plus I am a terrible navigator…so I know I’d get lost if a race involved any kind of map reading.

But last year I was invited to take part in an ultra event with a difference which gave me a taste of ultra marathon running, but without the mileage, the stress or the getting lost…plus it was just a half an hour drive from where I live.

The Spitfire Scramble – London’s only 24 hour trail race


I took part with a team of other bloggers from the UK Fitness Bloggers group, there were 6 of us and we clocked up 20 laps…with me doing 3 laps, equalling 18 miles in total.

You can read about my efforts in 2016 here.

Having cheated slightly by not camping or doing any nighttime laps last year I knew for 2017 there was only one way forward in terms of this race I would have to go solo.

So on Saturday 15th July at 12 noon I will embark on my biggest challenge yet and attempt 50 miles in 24 hours…so 8 laps…gosh I might even go for 60 miles if I am feeling strong.

I will have a team of supporters on the day as I have already pulled together a Too Fat to Run relay team of 8 women from our online running club The Clubhouse, and I am now looking to pull together a second team.

So if you fancy taking part in a 6 mile relay race representing Too Fat to Run, you don’t need to be fast, we will take on any level of ability…we would love to have you join our team.

Email help@toofattorun.co.uk and I will provide further joining instructions

You may be brave (or just plain stupid like me) and fancy taking it on as a solo effort, and I would be grateful for the company.

If that is the case, you can book your solo spot directly here with the race organisers and then just let us know.

This is a superb event for runners of all abilities. The stewards, the DJ’s, the folk giving massages…oh and of course the Spitfire flyover.

IMG_5521I loved the organisation of the event last year and the fact it is so accessible from London makes it a no brainer for me, and being family run it felt very low key and not too corporate.

I truly felt like I belonged at this event rather than sticking out which sometimes happens…I’ve heard it before that ultra runners are a different type or runner, and if this event is anything to go by I’m hooked.

FullSizeRender 3

Having a Too Fat to Run team there this year is going to be fantastic…the setting up my tent…not so much perhaps!!!!

So come and join in the fun

For more information about this event check out www.spitfirescramble.co.uk

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