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It is OK, I am not getting all big headed and turning into a diva its just this blog has only gone and been nominated for a Running Award in the best blog category, and I am a little excited by this. The Running Awards are an annual awards ceremony celebrating the best of running and its culture, which means everything from the best shoes and marathons to the most exciting blogs and accessories.

There are only 20 days left to vote for The Fat Girls guide to Running.

The competition is tough this year with  great blogs from all over the world, written by ultra runners, professional runners, vegan runners…and then there is little ole me (OK the not so little me then)

Do I want to win…erm yes
Do I think I can win…rem…I dunno…maybe
Do I want you guys to vote for me anyway….yes please

Being nominated for any kind of award is great, not only for my ego and for showing me that what I am doing is worth while, but it is also a great way of promoting the Too Fat to Run campaign and getting noticed by individuals, organisations and brands that may be able to help as we move forward.

Winning it however would increase this tenfold, just look what has happened to Run Mummy Run who won the best website award in 2014, they have gone from strength to strength and are unrecognisable in terms of the clout they have as a business in the running community in the UK.

All winners will be announced at the ceremony taking place at The indigo at The O2 Arena in London on 24th April 2015, but in the meantime I have to focus on getting shortlisted…do you reckon you can help?

First things first, vote for me here

But this is not where it stops.

Why not ask your friends and family to vote for me?

A simple “I read this blog called The Fat Girls Guide to Running, it is really funny and has such an awesome message, anyway I would love it to win an award that it has been nominated for, could you take a few moments to vote for it for me please? http://therunningawards.com/vote/24/29#vote?” could really get a campaign going.

Perhaps you could ask your friends at work, or post a link on your facebook page or twitter? Asking people face to face is a great way to get commitment though, especially if you really believe in the chances of the blog winning.

The night at the O2 will be great networking opportunity with sports brands, running figureheads, athletes and of course the media, so I simply have to be there. Can you help make this happen?

Vote for me here NOW please (pretty please)

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