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Next week I have to take my trusty red car to the garage for it’s annual MOT assessment, it should pass (I hope) as mostly whats wrong with it is cosmetic…I think!!!

It’s a bit of a pain though that it comes around in January just after xmas, it’s an expense I could do without…but it is a great reminder to give myself the once over too.

img_9618-2I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions…I wrote a whole book on the subject, but in a nut shell I think resolutions are too difficult to maintain throughout the year and create a whole heap of shame when you dump them, so quarterly planning and review is much more successful in my mind.

Its much easier to focus for 90 days than it is the whole year, and it allows for the seasons to play a part in you achieving your goals too.

Let’s face it though, it is almost impossible to avoid the New Year New Me messaging at this time of year though, the diet industry have been prepping for the next 3 weeks for the last 3 months (nowhere will be safe), the magazines and news papers will all be talking about the latest health and fitness crazes, and life coaches everywhere will be encouraging people to review their life and set new goals for the upcoming year.

In the real world though most people are still getting rid of their xmas treats, and looking forward to one final blow out at New Year…so the new starts will likely happen for most peeps on the 8th January when the kids are back at school and they have had a chance to get organised and do a food shop.

Millions, maybe billions of women (and heaps of men too) around the globe will be stepping on to the sad step on that Monday morning to see what damage has been done…to see what they have gained…hoping against all hope that maybe just maybe there will be a loss.

IMG_1973Well I am sorry, but I am not buying into all of that crap, my self worth is not determined by the numbers on a scale…scales are for fish, and pianists…not me so I have decided to make a stand with my followers and ask a slightly different question.

My challenge which I launched on social media this morning is to review 2017 in terms of what you have

A. Gained B. Lost

Without any reference to size or weight

I can’t wait to see what people report back with…we are already seeing some crackers.

Check out my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more details.

So anyway, back to this idea of an annual check up….when is the last time you had one for yourself?

Not an annual health check…I mean do people actually do that? I mean reviewing all aspects of what makes you healthy and happy?

Just because I am not a big fan of new years resolutions and the hype around self improvement (in other words weight loss yawn!!!!) this time of the year it doesn’t mean I am not encouraging you to take stock of your life, all aspects of your life as we enter a new year.

As I said before, I review my life and business goals 4 times a year, January, April, August, October and I have found this process really helps me to be the most productive and to prevent any possibility of me sticking my head in the sand.

Of course as a woman there are things you don’t need to do so frequently

  • Get your eyes tested
  • Have a smear test
  • Change your running trainers

But it does make sense to get into a routine with these things, to schedule them, to anticipate them…to priorities them.

This is the reason I created my Health, Wealth and Happiness MOT Assessment, a process I have been taking women through for the past 2 years, and for the first time I am making this available to everyone, not just women who come on my retreats or take part in my life coaching programmes.

It took me a long time to realise how interconnected health, wealth and happiness are…they are seriously like the 3 pillars of satisfaction in my view. Each pillar as important as the other, like 3 legs of a stool…take one away and you become unstable and likely to fall.

So what is the Health, Wealth & Happiness Assessment?

Well it is a 14 page PDF workbook which helps you score your life across 9 key areas, giving you prompts to help you make an honest assessment, your thoughts on your scoring and space to set goals to increase your scoring. It is ever so simple and will take a couple of hours to complete…women tell me though the thoughts and ideas it sparks are incredible…answering a lot of their questions around why they were feeling so out of alignment.

Couldn’t work out what was wrong until I received the workbook and worked through it. It helped me put things into perspective and not be afraid of the world.

As well as the workbook you will also receive a series of emails from me with some additional resources and tools to help you make sense of your responses, and you get to feedback any thoughts, ahas, developments or successes via social media for me to comment on.

julie_4053The workbook is available to you guys at half price this week just £14.99, and will then be available to download throughout the year for £29.99 on my new website which is launching next week.

Download it here!!!

Also my 10 week group programme Living A Bigger Life currently has an early bird price which expires on the 1st January…this is a lifetime access programme, which will help you not only identify where you are at in life and what you want, but will help you develop the tools, habits and confidence to go onto achieve your big Fat Stupid Goals whatever they might be.

You can find out more info about that here, we start in February and places are limited.

Look out next week for the big reveal of my new website…including the new photos I had done on one of the wettest windiest days in living memory ha ha

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