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The worlds most famous run streaker Ron Hill who is a former Olympian took a day of rest last month to end a 52-year running streak of at least one mile every single day.

Ron Hill, who competed at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and Munich in 1972, has put on his running shoes every day since 20 December 1964 – a total of 52 years and 39 days.

Now thats some dedication right?

The 78-year-old won marathon gold medals at the European Championships in 1969 and the 1970 Commonwealth Games.

He said in a BBC interview that he felt a pain in his chest while out running.

“After 400m my heart started to hurt and by the time I got to the one mile (1.6km) point I thought I was going to die,”

I often feel like that when I first start running I thought when I read that…although I shouldn’t really joke about chest pains.

That aside, 52 years is an awful long time to run every day, and not something I could or would ever do, but I have taken part in month long run streaking in the past.

Most years I take part in Janathon which challenges you to run or exercise everyday throughout January…this year I decided not to, because I was going to launch my own run streak in February as part of my new FREE challenge “For the Love of Running”


The concept is simple…

  • 14 days
  • Lace your trainers up every day
  • Share your progress in a closed Facebook group
  • Practice the Too Fat to Run principles
  • And learn to love running

But is it safe to run everyday?

Like all exercise run streaking requires you to be sensible and listen to your body and not to go too mad…but yes its safe, especially seeing me are only talking about 14 days here.

The official definition of a run streak is to run 1 mile per day for consecutive days, but for the purposes of this challenge a 30 minute power walk will count too…although pottering around the shops doesn’t count.

Clubhouse member Henna did a 60 day streak last year and said,

It definitely showed me that I can always find the time for a run, and even a 1km round the block is worth doing. It even got me out the day after the Beachy Head Marathon! I learned that I can stop myself from making excuses. And I learned to be thankful for the 20-minute quickwash programme on my washing machine

We want you to make an effort, to do more than you normally would, to actively have to think about how you fit the runs in…even if on some days you take it easier than others.

This is all about challenging yourself to be more active, and to show you that with a bit of planning, creativity and determination, you really can fit running into your busy life.

We have 500+ women signed up to our challenge already so its going to be incredible. Fancy joining us? Sign up for FREE here We start on the 14th February.

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