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I can’t tell you how excited I am.

I am like a puppy let out to play for the first time.

So excited I couldn’t sleep last night…which might be something to do with the fact that I have a marathon to run today.

My 5th Marathon.

3rd London Marathon.

But that’s not what I’m excited about.

I am excited because today at 9am at the start of the London Marathon I announced the launch of the new Too Fat to Run mobile phone app…which is going to change everything.

Forget Strava

Forget Zombie Runs

Forget MapMyRun

This app is not about numbers, and GPS, its about something BIGGER than that.


And unlike some of the running communities you might be part of on Facebook, or even local running clubs (not that I am knocking them)

This community has a global goal, a social purpose, a massive mission…and you can be at the heart of it.

The premise of this community is to not leave any body behind, any body (in particular any body who identifies as female) who wants to thrive in the sport of running, but for whatever reason find it hard to feel at home in traditional running settings.

  • Maybe you work shifts
  • Maybe you are nervous in big groups
  • Maybe you are a power walker
  • Maybe you have a disability
  • Maybe you are a single mum
  • Maybe you have to manage your mental health

Or maybe you are part of some traditional running provision but you really want to help other women to feel more connected to the running world.

We are looking for plodders, sloggers, power walkers, jeffers, joggers and everything in between.

We are looking for LIRF qualified instructors (we are launching an official coaches programme in the autumn) and absolute beginners.

We are looking for those who have wanted to run for ages, and those who have been but have lost their mojo

And we are offering an introductory offer for the early adopters amongst you.

The first 1000 members will get lifetime membership of just £6 per month FOREVER…but you can cancel at any time as there is no contract, come and go as you please…so if you are injured or pregnant or just need a break…no worries.

The app allows us to organise local meet ups, virtual races, groups chats, interest groups…and my popular course 5 weeks to 5K and Scream if you want to run faster will be on there too.

And the best bit?


So what do you think? You fancy checking it out?

I will be doing live updates about the sign ups at each mile marker at todays marathon, alongside my goals for this new community.

Come join us, and help us change things for the better

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