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For a long time women have been asking for an accessory they can wear while training or racing that isn’t one of our provocative race shirts and vests…like during marathon season for example, many of our women want to be identified as one of our tribe…but are wearing charity shirts or kit that is suited to the weather…so tada!!!

I present our multipurpose buffs…..


These are not just the latest TFTR fashion statement but produced by UK company Giraffe these high quality items actually have technical abilities

Sun & Dust Protection
All Season Use
Seamless Construction-garment edge will not fray.
100% soft touch Coolmax® Microfiber Yarn
Rain Repel technology. Keeps you dryer for longer in the wet


Want more????

Offers the Highest UV Protection
Protection from all Outdoor Elements
Evaporates Perspiration quickly, allowing moisture to pass through easily
Perfect Garment for all Outdoor Activities under the Sun!
Ultimate Water Wicking Garment
Forms a transport system pulling moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, while cooling your skin
Dries moisture faster than any fabric while regulating your body temperature

Plus they can be worn, numerous ways depending on the weather, for example

  • Headband to keep sweat from your eyes
  • Wristband to wipe sweat (or snot)
  • Mouth Guard for when its a bit chilly
  • Full Balaclava for when its REALLY cold
  • Beany, just to look cool
  • Hairband…you know we forget sometimes
  • Neckwarmer

Don’t believe me? Check out this cool video with Jo from The Clubhouse demonstrating how its done…I like to call it Buff Business!!!

IMG_1873 (1)

The best thing is you can spot each other at events and give each other a knowing nod. I have been wearing mine for every run now and they are seriously the best bit of kit EVER!! At the Berlin half marathon I had no dodgy sweaty face, and no chill on the bits where I had to walk

Available in Pink and Blue and for just £14.99 with free international shipping, and if you want one of each colour use discount code “DoubleBuff” for two for £25

Please don’t forget we are currently trying to raise £50,000 via Virgin Business VOOM to help roll out a UK wide programme of inclusive running programmes for overweight women. We are about 5% there at the moment…and need every bit of help we can get.

So get voting, pledging (this is kind of the important bit) and sharing our campaign!!!

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