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So it appears that 2016 is the year I became an international athlete ha ha

Well thats not strictly true.

I did my first overseas running event in about 2007 when I went with some friends to France to do the Paris 20K. It was an incredible weekend of good food, laughter, running and wine and I simply fell in love with the idea of incorporating travelling into my running, or should that be the other way round?

A few years later I visited a good friend Mary in Lisbon and we ran the Lisbon Rock & Roll Half Marathon, and earlier this month I headed out to Berlin for the Berlin Half...so you could say I have caught the bug.

So when the organisers of the Geneva Marathon got in touch and asked if I would like to come and run one of their races, I jumped at the chance…I’ve never been to Switzerland…and I didn’t even know Geneva had a marathon, which of course is pure ignorance on my behalf…because anywhere there are people that run there are running races, us brits just might not hear about them.

Unknown-1The email inviting me out said…

In a magnificent location alongside Lake Geneva, at the foot of the Jura Mountains and just a short distance from the Alps, the city’s many qualities are guaranteed to enchant you. 2000 years of history, the birthplace of fine watchmaking, numerous museums and art galleries, the UN’s European office, the headquarters of the Red Cross, the hub of Protestantism, prestigious schools, wonderful parks, a rich cultural life and shopping for budgets both big and small.

I’m sold, and we haven’t even started talking about the running yet.

The Geneva Marathon Weekend has something for everyone with Junior Races, Nordic Walking, 6K and 10K races, Wheelchair races, a relay race, a half and of course the full marathon. But which one to do? Not the marathon thats for sure…although if I’d had more notice I might have been tempted.

Unknown-7So I am down for La Genevoise a 6.5km race dedicated to women which will take place on the Saturday taking ladies  on a route from Chêne-Bourg to the Jardin Anglais in the heart of Geneva. This new course takes in the countryside before diving in the heart of Geneva and following the shores of Lake Geneva.


I’m also registered for the half marathon the following day with the half offering a more urban route of 21,097 km in the heart of Geneva. The course is close to the water and allows you to run alongside the lake, the Rhone, but also gives you the opportunity to admire the inescapable Geneva Jet d’Eau!

…what can I say I’m greedy and I couldn’t decide between the two.

I am a little bit nervous about the events strap line “Fast is Beautiful”, which apparently is because 50% of runners at this event beat their Personal Best…no pressure. I will however give it my all, and hope that the fresh mountain air gives me special powers…hang on a second MOUNTAINS…I didn’t think about that.

I HATE hills, how am I going to cope with Mountains????


Hang on, it’s also described as “Europe’s Most Beautiful Marathon” so if the hills get me at least I’ll have something nice to look at as I await medical help.


Right, I’m off to check out the course and work out if doing the double was wise…perhaps I should ask my roommate for the weekend Susie Chan…don’t know endurance athlete Susie?

Well have a look at the kind of running she does here, she has done Marathon des Sables (twice) Boston Marathon and all kinds of other exciting races…she recently hit the headlines after setting a new world record for running on a treadmill for 12 hours, clocking up a total of 68.54 miles…I’m worrying about less than 20…although it may take me 12 hours too!!!!

For more information about this years event check out this link, and perhaps put the 2017 date in your diary for next year.

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