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Apologies for anyone with a nervous disposition or easily offended by talk of lady bits but I simply could not put off writing this post any longer.

Here in the UK we are in the middle of a heat wave…it is bloody hot, so I have to write about the bane of my life…chaffing!!

I’ve suffered from the horrid chub rub since I was a kid, I’ve never ever had a thigh gap even when I wasn’t overweight so legs getting cosy with each other in the summer months has always resulted in sore inner thighs.

I tried all sorts of things in my late teens and early twenties…talc giving me the most relief, but it was slightly embarrassing (and a bit suspicious) when you leave a trail of white powder behind you. But with age I have discovered a range of solutions so that thankfully now chaffing is a thing of the past.

I remember the first time I suffered running related chaffing, I was on my way to a 10K race in Central London and stupidly wore a thing under my running tights…by the time I got to the start line I already felt sore, so I popped into a porta loo and removed the offending item…see solution number 3!!!

So here is a countdown of my top 10 tips/products for running and for life…which are just a matter of trial and error until you find the right ones for you.

Here we go…

Solution 1 – I discovered Chaffree Pants about 3 years ago, and you will not find me in a summer dress without them these days. Lightweight, antibacterial and in a range of styles and sizes, these are 100% worth the money. I wear the briefs under running leggings for a chaffe free experience when running anything over 10K. Use code toofattorun2017 for 10% off

Solution 2 – A number of women in the Clubhouse recommended applying Lanacane Anti Chaffing Cream liberally in the lady bits area, one lady said “This stuff is ACTUAL MAGIC” The trick is to apply liberally all over the under carriage. This can also work with bog standard vaseline!!!

Solution 3 – Go COMMANDO, this is not for everyone, but with the right running leggings and good positioning of any seam, this can work really well.

Solution 4 – I know you are a full blown adult, but how about going back to being a baby again, with the trusted SudoCream and Talc combo to create a barrier to moisture, prevention rather than cure.

Solution 5 – Stick Deodorant!!! One of the ladies on my retreat swears by this so I started giving this a go last year when I don’t fancy wearing my trusted chaffree pants. Using an antiperspirant stick deodorant in between your thighs, prevents sweat from hanging around in that area…it does need to be reapplied through the day. This is my fav one

Solution 6 – For anyone who suffers with excessive sweat running down your bum crack (yes this is a thing) one lady said her friend folds up a piece of absorbent kitchen towel and positions it carefully in the correct place…not suitable for running though as may create extra chaffing…or a trail of white paper falling out of your shorts.

Solution 7 – Cut out labels and look for seam free training kit, often it is the seams that rub your bits…and also make sure you pull your leggings up fully after a loo visit.

Solution 8 – Keep your bits clean and cool at all times. This is more of a general hygiene tip really, but will prevent any aggravation in this sensitive zone. Wear cotton underwear, at home go underwear free as often as possible, try Femfresh soaps to avoid irritation.

This post was inspired by an awesome thread in our Clubhouse Facebook page. (which is now the TFTR community app) One of our newer members added a very innocent enquiry about protecting her lady bits in the heat while running, and what followed was days and days of absolute hilarity…with over 100 comments. I’ve read and reread it numerous times since just to cheer myself up….with golden comments like,

I can’t keep walking like John Wayne after longer runs ?

Nothing worse than chaffed Giblets

I basically didn’t have an undercarriage for like four days.

I love this group so much. I mean where else can you talk about the perils of sweaty nether regions and not get kicked out

I’m a little bit afraid to Google fanny fudge if I’m honest ???

This is all such good advice. After all, nobody wants a Minjury.

No topic is too embarrassing to discuss in our online community  it is a safe space for all kinds of challenges and problems, and its 250+ members have a wealth of knowledge and the humour to lift your spirits even if they can’t help in a more practical way.

If you fancy joining THE BEST RUNNING CLUB IN THE WORLD, now is an awesome time to sign up. Click here for more details.

So I hope these suggestions give you some food for thought. Chaffing is one of the most annoying parts of being runner, and prevention is 100% better than cure…after all there is nothing like the pain of discovering your sore bits as you lower yourself into a post run bath.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with being a member of the infamous chub rub club…you’d be amazed how many women suffer in silence…but you don’t need to, take action and take preventative measures now!!

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