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If I got a pound for every email I got from women about the S word, I would be a rich woman by now…and no I am not talking about SPEED I’m talking about the word SLOW…in fact we have banned the word in The Clubhouse our online running club because its not very useful for our conversations on pace.

SLOW doesn’t tell me anything about how fast you run…Usain Bolt is slow compared to a race horse (or is he???)

And your slow might be fast for me, meaning if ever we went for a run…one of us might struggle with the pace or feel a little uncomfortable at least.

Understanding your ACTUAL pace however is quite useful.


All of this aside, I have never been fast.

My 5K times over the past 10 years have ranged from 58 minutes to 30 minutes and 6 seconds…yes I almost dipped under the 30 minute mark…just the once mind.

I managed that supersonic (for me) speed while testing the concept for a new book.

Scream if you want to go faster…7 simple steps for increasing your speed

I followed my own advice and saw my parkrun times come right down…I got a bit cocky though and then work got in the way, christmas was upon us, I wasn’t following my won advice anymore and before you know it I am back to running 34 minute parkruns again….but all is not lost, because I am on a mission again, to bring that speed right down.

In part because I want to get the book out there…and I promised I would only do that if I got under 30 minutes.

So I have a cunning plan on how I am going to do it.

I’m going to get 100 women from the Too Fat to Run community to do it with me.

Let me explain.

From Monday 26th September I am going to be running an 8 week challenge whereby by the power of social media accountability plus some simple coaching of the key concepts of my book in an attempt for EVERYONE to improve their 5K times by at least 5%

We already have around 60 ladies signed up to take part, but I would love to meet my target of 100 ladies (Cos then I can do easy percentages in terms of the results, my maths is atrocious ha ha)

The pilot costs just £19.99 and you will get the following

– A before and after record sheet
– Weekly coaching emails with full instructions
– Downloadable templates and resources
– Opportunity to feed into and possibly feature in my next book
– A FREE PDF of the book when finished
– A community of women to share your experiences with (via social media)

So come on ladies, are you interested in improving your speed? Or perhaps you are just curious to see if it is at all possible.

Click here to sign up

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