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When I first started running there was one thing I simply could not leave the house without and that was my headphones and preferably a gadget to pump loud music through them. I know many people enjoy running to music but my addiction was ridiculous. If for any reason my ipod stopped so did I.

I simply couldn’t run without music.

I had no real preference to what I would listen too, and in some ways it didn’t matter because it was never about the music, it was basically about drowning out the sound of my negative voices.

You know the ones

Damn this is hard

Why is everyone looking at me?

Urg, can I stop yet?

My legs are hurting

I’m bored

Why I am I so useless?

The list could go on and on…but I found while I played music I could control the voices in my head…well most of the time anyway.

But then disaster struck

I did an event where headphones were not allowed and I had to face 3 hours of running with just my crazy thoughts to keep me company and I realised my reliance on music was not a healthy one, and ultimately I had to face myself (well the voices) head on.

So over time I started experimenting with running naked (ie without technology) and other things aside from music to listen to, especially when marathon training when I could easily be out for 4-5 hours.

This is when I discovered audiobooks, and now I am hooked on those.

Why audiobooks?

  • As a busy mum I don’t seem to find time to read these days
  • I can pick a book to suit my mood, non fiction if I want to find out about something specific, or a trashy novel if I just want to switch off
  • I don’t have to select music, or get bored from listening to the same tracks over and over
  • Most audiobooks are like 5-7 hours worth of running and when you get into a good audiobook it kind of encourages you to head out ASAP to hear what happens next.

My absolute favourite listen so far has been Chrissy Wellingtons a Life without limits which was absolutely memorising, and having met her a few times recently I realise that despite the opposite ends of the scale at which we compete we are remarkably familiar…especially our clumsiness and sheer bloody mindedness.

Anyway…don’t take my word for it. why not try it our for yourself with a free credit from the guys at Audible and get involved in their #runfurther challenge. All you have to do is set up an account here and use the code RUNFURTHER

Let us know how you get on.

  1. May 6, 2015

    Totally agree. Audiobooks are amazing for allowing you to focus. And think of all the books you never thought you would ever have time to read!

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