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I had decided to take a well earned break from work over the festivities, but that proved a little tricky as things seem to be hotting up as we approach 2016, and I have relented and switched the computer back on to catch up on a few things.

So how was your xmas?

Mine was a little unusual, with some family stuff going on and my car taking a holiday in the garage with a broken drive shaft, meaning I’m not particularly mobile…which is a pain.

But I had a lovely day. I went for dinner at my mums with some of the familam, and even managed a Christmas Day run of sorts…keeping up with my almost 3 year old daughter as she tested out her new Frozen bike. I also did a sneaky 3 miler on Boxing day, and later I may pop out again…there’s something about the sun shining in December which makes me feel it would be rude not to.

OK so now for some gifts for you lot, you know just incase you didn’t get enough recently.

2I got the best gift ever on Xmas Eve, news that my latest book New Year Same You was now available to order as a paperback, as I didn’t think this would happen until the middle of January. Women from all over the world are reading it and telling me how much the messages resonate with them. I truly believe this is my best book ever and am exited to see what happens with it over the next few weeks. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, do…and see what all the fuss is about. I mean if it can get up next to this bloke in the charts, it must be doing something right.

I’m getting some pretty good reviews too

I loved this book. Honest, slightly sweary (adds to the honesty!) and written in an informal, conversational style that you can’t help but warm to. Julie’s confessional, genuine voice is what sets this book apart for me. I’ve followed Julie’s work for a while and I’m a proud member of the online running club she refers to in the book. This book is very much like the club itself – empowering, funny and inspiring. The approach and tone is just bang on – it’s not in any way patronising (which would be a turn off for me) – it’s full of good value, down to earth, practical and spiritual steps towards finding happiness with your body, whatever size it is. Seriously – buy it and read it. You won’t be disappointed.

1916876_853997471384538_2528694282728096406_nSo to celebrate this early success with my new book I decided to give away my most popular book “Getting Past the First 30 Seconds” because I know sometimes it really is the simple stuff that holds women back. And what better time to capture the renewed enthusiasm for exercise that January always rings with it. Get your FREE copy here.

I received another fab present today, an article in The Sun newspaper entitled “The Overweight Brits that are still Fit” featuring me, and one of our awesome Clubhouse members Zoe. I am not a regular reader of tabloid papers, but if this article helps with awareness around plus size fitness, and helps women to see that size shouldn’t be a barrier then its all good. Plus doing the photoshoot last week was pretty fun. It’s great to see the media picking up on stories like mine at this time of year, rather than focussing solely on diet stuff…there’s still a long way to go though.


Ooohhh another thing to mention, which is of course FREE to help inspire you to make changes this year was my Xmas Day message. It was supposed to be an alternative to the Queens Xmas Day Speech, but I an out of time to do it as I would have liked and shot it in my front room instead…see what you think, hopefully the message is just as clear.

I am really excited about heading into 2016, not because I have a new health regime up my sleeves to focus on, and not because I have a secret slot on a well known TV show (although I am open to offers) but because I know I have the tools and appetite to continue with what I have been doing in 2015 and I truly believe the Fat Girls Guide to Running is going to continue to go from strength to strength.

5-weeks-to-5k-challengeFinally, on January 25th we will be starting a new cohort of our 5 weeks to 5k online programme, based on the book of the same name which was featured on ITV’s This Morning last year when I worked with 3 non runners to get them up to 5K distance live on TV.

We had some fantastic results in our November pilot group (you can read the results here) and I have used the feedback to make improvements for this time round too. This programme is suitable for absolute beginners and those wanting to get back into a regular habit of running. We still have 20 or so places up for grabs, but you’d better get in quick. Book here!!

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has supported the blog over the last few years, being able to do this full time is a dream come true and I feel absolutely honoured to be doing what I do.

Lets see what the next few years have in store, hey?

Oh one final thing while I’ve got your attention. We still have 25% off all winter range until 4th January so check out our online store and treat yourself to some new TFTR kit

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