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For a lot of runners the real work starts now that xmas is out of the way, so wether you are training for a full marathon or a half the weekends are unlikely to be your own as you pack in your parkruns and long Sundays runs.

When I first started entering half marathons I hadn’t yet plucked up the courage to join a running club, and I didn’t really know anyone else that ran so I just did all the training by myself but this was unproductive for a number of reasons,

  1. Accountability – If the weather was bad, or I just didn’t feel like running I could pull out and nobody would know the difference
  2. Effort – while out running I could just plod along at whatever pace felt comfortable, I never really pushed myself
  3. Boredom – miles and miles of running by yourself can be soul destroying. even if you don’t like talking as you run, just being in the company of other runners can make a huge distance

So for these reasons I now lead a half marathon training day each year for the Too Fat to Run Community, and anyone else who fancies joining us.

It takes place in Hyde Park and we normally have between 16 and 20 ladies take part of all abilities.

The day is informal and friendly and everyone feels a bit nervous about running in a group, but they needn’t. After a short warm up with some drills and a bit of motivational schpeel from me we set off in one big group at the pace of the slowest peeps for our first 5 mile lap. I have a few creative tricks up my sleeve though so if you have more in your legs expect to do drop backs, and some additional tasks to increase the distance and ensure the slower runners are not affecting your heart rate.

Then we stop for a quick refuel and some stretching and we are off again, this time in 3 or 4 speed related groups, this time its about maintaining your race pace and supporting each other to keep that pace for as much of the 2nd 5mile loop as possible.

Then we stretch and retreat to the nearest pub for some grub and a bit of a chin wag.

So come on ladies, bite the bullet and come and join us. The next date is February 20th and places are being snapped up so book today. The session costs just £30 and Clubhouse Members get a 10% discount 

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