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It’s not easy keeping the kids occupied and away from the technology during the summer holidays, especially when the weather isn’t great.

But today we found just the thing.

An activity which we could both get involved with, and one which was 100% free.

Together with local partners Park Lives is a series of free, family-friendly outdoor activities in the heart of local communities – the parks. From Zumba to tai chi, football to tennis, all our activity sessions are free and absolutely anyone can join in.

We headed to Kier Hardy Recreation Park which is around a 10 minute drive from where we live to take part in Fun Athletics. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as it was raining just before we arrived….and I wasn’t sure how much Rose would want to take part.

Led by qualified athletics coaches with a focus on fun, it didn’t take long before we both literally jumped in.

We started with a simple warm-up, moving around the park and then carrying out simple run, jump, hop, balance, instructions.

Then there were some skills sessions, including some brilliant throwing activities

Finishing off with an obstacle course, which I loved.

Check out this short video

Small groups of children came along during the session to take part and the coaches made it really accessible.

Rose enjoyed the session, even if she was distracted halfway through and wanted to play in the nearby playground, I loved that the activity was relaxed and the kids could come and go as they pleased. What an incredible resource to have on your doorstep.

I am going to check out what else is going on over the summer in my area, I fancy the boxing one, so I will keep you posted on my Facebook page

ParkLives is an initiative from Coca-Cola Great Britain, launched in 2014, run in partnership with local authorities across the UK. The programme offers thousands of fun, free activities in local parks, encouraging people across the UK to enjoy the green spaces in their local community.  

Check out if you have ParkLives in your area

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